Zlatan Ibrahimovic's BEST GOAL At EVERY AGE!

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Zlatan Ibrahimovic's BEST GOAL At EVERY AGE!

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  1. The dude went to AC MILAN at 39 and scored 30 goals in around 45 games and want even playing full time. He's Insane 🔥

  2. Salam hangat dari Dombanya Coach Justinus Lhaksana Pundit Sepakbola Indonesia 🇮🇩✌️

  3. He’s not overrated, look at his stats and trophys. He’s always win. And how many incredible goals🥰

  4. Haaland is alot like ibra except speed both strong , have great shooting, tall and very powerful

  5. I personally think it will take a long long time before we have anyone like Zlatan or even close to him. The way he scores goals. To be that consistent with these crazy weird goals. We are more likely to see a Cristiano again than a Zlatan. If you put in the work Cristiano puts in and with some talent you can get there. But you cant teach someone how Zlatan scores and how to be consistent with it.

  6. Great reaction but the original one is dogshit honestly. Like half of the years they clearly picked the wrong goal

  7. Yeah, he's definitely the oldest elite player still doing it in a top 5 league (perhaps excluding some keepers). Extremely rare to see a 40-year-old striker in a top league anywhere.

  8. When he went to MLS alot of people said that he was ending his career. Then he just decides to go back and start dominating in italy again. Unexpected move and he shut alot of people up.

  9. 7:00 This was at the height of Barca with Messi, Iniesta etc. and Zlatan got side lined by Pep in favor of Messi.. Zlatan was great whenever he got the chance to play but I’m guessing there was sponsor money involved so Messi had to shine. It ended with Zlatan and Pep having a major fallout.

  10. I will state now that no player at the age of 38-39 will be as good and prolific as Zlatan was. He is still playing at a top top level!!

  11. People of his age become managers or retire, but, he is playing in one of the top European clubs as a striker at the age of 40.

  12. dont say lack off speed! his speed was hes key due to his bodysize! he was faster then u expected!

  13. Yes Ibra is a great player, but I wouldn't call him a legend. He has won nothing on the big soccer stage, but the Euroleague with ManU….

  14. He's has the third most scored goals out of every active player in the world, only behind Messi and Ronaldo so idk how you could say he's overrated

  15. He just turned 40 not long ago so already choosing his best goal at 40 is too soon, he'll score a better one. Hopefully in the champions league to take away Totti's title as the oldest to score in that competition.

  16. He’s scored ALOT more crazy goals in the same year as some of these there are plenty I expected to see that aren’t in the video

  17. You should react to these players because they were the best in history.
    Messi and Cristiano ronaldo (if you haven't)
    Van bastan
    R9 ronaldo

  18. Apart from that Ajax goal in 2004, he also scored the most amazing heel volley back-kick against Italy in the Euros. It was amazing.

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