Zlatan Ibrahimovic was a MONSTER in Barcelona

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Zlatan Ibrahimovic was a MONSTER in Barcelona

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  1. So many dumb kids in the comments. You don't know good football when you see it. He was like Haalland with insane dribbling/juggling and better finishing. In his prime, he was a complete striker with 0 weaknesses in his game. Fast, great ball control, some of the best attacking vision in history, headers, volleys, shots from 30 yds out, chips, assists, hold up play. This guy could do anything you can possibly do in attacking football. Just watch any of his videos at PSG or United. Man was unstoppable. What set him apart from the other goats is his acrobatics. He was into martial arts and it showed in his game.

  2. he does really good job at Barca when he's healtly ofcourse only one problem is guardiola i can bet Messi can play toghether with zlatan but its guardiola thing i dont know why he does it

  3. seguro que hubiera ganado la champions con nosotros, por ser cabezon a no escuchar a pep. pero fue unos de los mejores 9 que paso por aqui

  4. Lo hanno chiamato uno dei più grandi flop del Barcellona…quando a parer mio lui il suo dovere lo ha fatto anche qui…solo con non si armonizzava con lo stile di gioco del Tiki taka..e non andava d'accordo ne con la squadra né tanto meno con guardiola

  5. La sua condanna al barca fu quella di avere carattere e personalità da leader, cosa che infastidiva sia Messi che Guardiola.

  6. É triste saber q o Barcelona não soube usar o Ibra e acabou deixando ele ir embora… ele seria um camisa 9 fatal pro Barça

  7. En el 2009 la rompio en 2010 se vino abajo y por eso se fue todo empezo apartir del mundial de clubes bajo su nivel ahí en ese campeonato

  8. Lo cierto es que no lo fue, fue decepcionante, de mas a menos, incluso perdiendo la titularidad.

  9. This man is a legend, a monster
    Kids underrate him cuz he doesn't have any major trophy

  10. Dommage qu'il n'a disputé q'une saison au barca sinon il aurait conquis la liga et la ligue des champions #c'est un attaquant géant #

  11. He was in his prime, I don’t know why guardiola bought him. He never was gonna be one of his little minions

  12. He wasn’t the monster we expected from him when he played in Barcelona sadly people easily forget time.

  13. MMM, non. Il n'a pas beaucoup joué cette saison la et a eu un ratio très médiocre. Sa pire saison. Arrêtez de faire de faire des vidéos de promotion mensongères. Ceci dit, Pep Guardiola ne lui pas laissé de place. Il y avait trop de bons joueurs et d'égos autour de lui; focément incompatible avec sa personnalité à cet âge

  14. That assist in the end shows how much defenders respect and fear Ibra's game. There's 5 people on him. I remember the first Clasico. It was 0-0 when Ibra came of the bench. As soon as he joined the pitch Madrid defensive line went back with about 10 meters, and Messi etc got more space to operate and Barcelona started dominating and eventually won 1-0 scored by Zlatan. It's just such a shame the rift between Pep and Ibra happened. Could of been absolutely amazing.

  15. Era un monstruo en el campo hizo una gran temporada lastima que guardiola lo desecho perdiendo un gran goleador.

  16. If you think about it…. When Zlatan left Inter for Barca, Inter won the Champions League. And after he left Barca they have won it… If he just stayed 1 season more, he could have become a Champions League winner 2 times

  17. La verdad no. En el barza fue una d sus peores épocas x no decir la peor. Jamás encajó en el equipo al margen de la bronca con el Pep.

  18. Zlatan Ibrahimovic se fue del Barcelona por culpa del enano camorrero que controlaba el vestuario.

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