Zlatan Ibrahimovic – The Story

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Zlatan Ibrahimovic – The Story

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  1. Zlatan is like a Mercenary. Whoever pay him, he will fight in a professional way

  2. Hope we get to see haaland vs ibra in the champions league next season past vs future both are beasts it will be very interesting 🤨

  3. This is not the story of Zlatan……

    This is the Zlatan of the story

  4. When Zlatan's siblings was born he drove to his own hospital then he gave his own birth and drove them back home.

  5. When Zlatan stole from grocery store and no one has caught him they caught others instead.

  6. cant lie… i was expecting to see that famous goal vs England…

  7. how the fuck is this guy only on 146k subs.. yet someone who films themselves doing the dumbest shit on earth have millions.. keep going my man. top tier content!!!

  8. Zlatan Ibrahimovic
    – eradevisi
    – laliga
    – serie a
    – ligue 1
    – Premier league
    – mls
    Uwaawww 👏👏

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