Zlatan Ibrahimovic Draws Two Penalties & Scores a Panenka PK

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Zlatan Ibrahimovic Draws Two Penalties & Scores a Panenka PK

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  1. The USA National Penalty Shootout Cup

    Idea for a new football tournament.

    How about a Penalty Shootout USA Cup?

    This takes one of the most exciting features of modern soccer, and turns it into a simple to understand, tournament event.

    The concept is multiple teams, are invited, or enter, for a competition where teams play each other at just penalty shootouts to decide which club or team, is the best team, in the USA at taking penalties.

    Club sides could participate in the trophy.

    Penalty shootouts are the most intense, high pressure, part of modern football.

    Players can have their careers defined by penalty shoot outs, as heroes or villains, for a national, or club side. The keepers can become raised to football superstars, in the ultimate show of their planning, class, agility, and mental strength.

    My format would be to have a 1, to 2, day event at a large area of football pitches, like those used for soccer schools, or football training grounds.

    They could take place in a school, with large playing fields, or in a large, multiple pitch, training ground, or playing fields of a sporting club. This could be a private sports club or a major sporting team from football or other sports, or even, a recreational park.

    My format of the event, would be to try something like the format used for World Rugby Sevens, and soccer school football tournament trophies. Where an event of multiple teams, in group stages, followed by a knockout stage, that leads to a thrilling final.

    The first stage would be the group stage with groups of 6, with each team playing each other once. The top teams, would qualify for the knockout stages. How many teams who qualify for the knockout stages, would depend on how many sides enter the trophy. It could be the top team, or 2 or 3 best placed sides in each group.

    There could also be plates, for teams that did not get far, as has been the case with the famous sevens rugby trophies.

    Melrose, in Scotland, is world renowned for inventing rugby sevens.

    I would consider mixed gender sides too.

    Advantages of trophy.

    Players are unlikely to get tired or injured, just taking penalties.

    Players could be attracted by chance of winning a national football trophy.

    Teams, and sports scientists, could learn from this focus on penalties, on how to take penalties in major competitions.

    The keeper gets to raise their status, due to being such an important part of the team to win the trophy.

    Critics of idea, and my defence to critics.

    A) Won't always get top players. But that could be an advantage as it means teams will choose their best penalty takers.

    B) Too repetitive.

    No more than basketball, cricket, darts or bowling. Look at how popular darts is, which is a far more repetitive sport than football penalty kick taking.

    C) The sport will see people travelling vast distances to take a small number of penalty kicks, and nothing else.

    My answer to that would be to compare that to;

    1) Substitutes in full scale football games – In normal football, substitute players often travel hundreds or even thousands of miles to take a place on the bench, and not play any time in the game. So a few intense high pressure kicks is more than that.

    2) 100 metre, or 200 metre athletic events, or long jumpers. These athletes do a few high intensity exercises, in less than a minute in the entire event. But the intensity of this sport of 100 metres has created the superstars of Bolt, and Carl Lewis, being the most well known sports stars of their eras.

    Teams invited;

    Major Men’s and women’s teams of the USA, and perhaps Canadian and Mexican club sides.

    State versions of trophy

    There could be state penalty shootout cups, such as a New York State Penalty Shootout Cup or California State Penalty Shootout Cup.

    How seriously each team takes trophy could be left to the clubs. They might enter their best players or youth players.

  2. 0:35 Its these kind of stuff that make Americans look dumb. Why but why dies that have to happen when someone scores? Just why? I hope this won't be the case in 2026.

  3. World soccer really needs a system to penalize diving. If on review it's deemed you dived, you get a blue card. You rack up three blue cards and you sit for the following game, regardless of competition. The players and their reps/teams can challenge a decision, but any arbitration should occur swiftly. It's a fact that the benefit of the doubt goes to strikers, and that shouldn't be the case. I get that more goals ostensibly means more exciting games but it's getting out of hand when defenders can't even do their jobs and everyone in the soccer world is just accepting this as the new normal.

  4. Ibra has no class and never did. He was never as good as the top players in Europe and he compensated for that by being flamboyantly confident. Now he acts like his transfer to MLS is anything but a cash and publicity grab. I get it if you're an LA fan and you like him, but I think he's kind of a turd.

  5. Personally I feel the flick back pass from #7 was more class but again goes unnoticed because of the zlatan bandwagon

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