Zlatan Ibrahimovic | Crazy Moments |

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Zlatan Ibrahimovic | Crazy Moments |

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  1. If I go to Mars on vacation and have to choose to whom I leave my kids to between Mbape and Zlatan, I wouldn't hesitate to choose Zlatan. The true psycho is the other arrogant guy.

  2. why you have to play everything on slow motion.. you force me watch the whole video in x2 speed

  3. Zlatan ist vielleicht ein guter Fussballer aber er ist krank in Seele.
    Er hat sich sogar ein Grundstück gekauft um Tiere zu ermorden. Wer Jäger ist, ist in Mittelalter zurück geblieben…….und ein Idiot.

  4. el peor jugador de futbol, antideposrtista, agresivo y despota. se equivoco de profesion

  5. Zlatan is the type of guy to start a fight when he suspects his teammate's going to get a card😂

  6. Ha ha tako triba,kad te namirno neki igrac lagano zajebava,da dobijes crveni karton🧐🖕😂

  7. Zlatan is usually a kindly player. The all aggressive moments are to wake those bullies up for not playing games with him. I liked that who he ran full of speed to sergio ramos as accident. He just don't like bullies. A typical balkan guy . Always wants to be fair played games and not acting like a high school bully !! That's why i like him 👍👍

  8. In England we call him a proper geeza.
    Don't Fkk with him and I won't Fkk with you..
    Don't fk about an don't find out…

  9. The dirtiest, trickiest and the most infamous so called soccer player that has ever existed… Never had respect for his teammates either for other players… I've never understood why so many people admired him…

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