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Zlatan 🥶🥶

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  2. Zlatan Ibrahimovič once said

    1. "Lions don't compare themselves with humans"

    2. "I don't follow football Football is following me

    3." I came as a king and left as a legend"

    4. "If i had to choose between Lingard OR Jones, I will happily choose OR"

    5. "My career didn't need coaches to be successful instead coaches need me to make their careers to succeed and their dreams come true"

    6. Journalist : How do you feel after scoring that goal?

    Zlatan : Ask the goal how it felt to be scored by me

    7. "I don't control the ball but the ball control itself for me"

    8. "When I look myself in the mirror there's no reflection of myself because there can't be two Zlatan"

    9. Reporter : Zlatan you consider yourself as a Lion while Messi and Ronaldo are humans but they have many Ballon'dors but you don't have it why?

    Zlatan : I don't care about individual trophies , if I wanted them I would've played golf

    10. "When he was leaving his home he told his father that " you're now the man of the house"

    11. "If you invite me to your house , you're my guest "

    12. "I use my two legs to play football but i use my whole body to score a goal"

    13. "When Zlatan is late for training , players get punished for being early"


  3. 30 years old Neymar: 🕺🇧🇷☠️🛌😭
    35 years old Messi: 👦🇦🇷⚽️🏆🐐
    38 years old Ronaldo: 🔥🇵🇹🐐⚽️🐪
    41 years old Zlatan: 🦁🇸🇪🔥🐐🏋️‍♂️

  4. I know this is a joke but like it doesnt make sense. It shows penalties of messi, ronaldo and neymar and then shows Zlatan training. Like what is the point?

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