I rounded up a fellow “music” enthusiast to lay down some hard, deep and ultimately confusing truths about some beloved speakers. I protest that her opinion should not be deemed // The Be-All-End-All Truth and Guide to Womens Studies –By Zeos ;p // But I take it as a stepping stone into the inner psyche of the opposite sex at least when it has to do with boxes that make The Doors play loudly.

Feel miễn phí to show this video to any friends of the fairer sex you may have and please encourage THEM to chime in on the speakers in this video, which are…. (in size order)

Dayton SuperStack [
PSA MT110[
Emotiva XRM-6.1[
Chane A1rx-c[
Fluance SX6[
WaveCrest HVL-1[
Polk RTi4[
Teac LH265[
Micca MB42x[
Emotiva XRM4.1[N/A]
Scythe 1100[
Mirage Nanosat[

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“Sandy” will be back in future episodes to discuss headphone design, comfort and sound of both speakers and headphones as well as pop by from time to time to give her 2 cents on any future speakers or equipment I review.
Từ khóa: Z Review – The WAF (Wife Acceptance Factor)

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  1. LogiForce86

    When you marry, just get wife who is into good music and knows that to listen to good music you need good equipment and that it doesn't always mean pretty equipment.

  2. Nevigo

    The sexual tension is there. I think she is ready to let you take advantage of her again and again. I hope you took the move Z. She is "Grydeklar" in my tongue (Danish.)

  3. ɑʟpʜɑ ɱɑсʜɪиɑ

    I know this is 5 years old, but the only speakers my ex ever liked was the massive 1200w 15" Velodyne subwoofer I had her sit on one time.

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