World Cup Day 23 recap: Lionel Messi, Argentina grab World Cup victory over Kylian Mbappé, France

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World Cup Day 23 recap: Lionel Messi, Argentina grab World Cup victory over Kylian Mbappé, France

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  1. There is no guarantee France will make the next World Cup, look what happened to Italy, the Euro champs. There is no guarantee Mbappe will score at the same pace, strikers deteriorate faster than the rest. Do not compare an above average striker with the GOAT.

  2. Alexis Lalas makes no sense – Messi did not move me before. Do you even check what you say. Don’t call yourself a soccer player a football fan if Messi doesn’t move you. Idiot.

  3. With the help from FIFA sure he did! I congratulated Argenfifa way before the tournament. Stop the propaganda!!!! Cup was rigged!!!

  4. It was a great final, I doubt if it was the greatest final ever, first of all Argentina rolled over France till the 70ish minute. Mbappe woke up and scored the 3 goals. It was definitely thrilling, but very one sided for most of regular time. Happy to see the GOAT Messi win the World Cup. Well deserved.

  5. It’s not the people of Qatar anyone should have a problem with, but rather with their government. It’s similar to my issues with Israel. In their case, I’ve always maintained the Jewish people deserve far more than the idiotic representation of their government which is largely undergirded by an extreme rightwing faction of Orthodox Jews operating loudly and in the minority. Policies in both places must be changed, and this World Cup served as a means of mainstreaming the problems in Qatar, and will hopefully move their society to peacefully remove these people from power eventually.

  6. Thank you for everything you have done while at the World Cup! Can’t wait to see you back analyzing MLS matches! Thank you!

    LETS KEEP IN MIND PELÉ WAS GREAT AT AN PREHISTORIC ERA! Back then the players were not as skilled, and we’re not as dynamic as the modern era of this beautiful sport Pele would not win three world cups. If he was playing in this modern era, Messi is the ultimate God!

    Messi: 2022 WORLD CUP CHAMPION.
    Messi: Most games in World Cup history and now over 1000+ total career games.
    Messi: Only player in World Cup history, to score in 2022 seven consecutive stage games.
    Messi: Most assist in 2022 World Cup.
    Messi: The only player to ever win Golden ball award 2 times, best player 2022 World Cup, and Golden ball award winner World Cup
    Messi: Most Ballon d'Or winner in FIFA history
    (7) 8th is loading.
    Messi: Most Golden Boot in FIFA HISTORY (6)
    Messi: Only player in FIFA history to break Gerd Muller's 40 year record 85 Calendar goals, Messi (91) goals
    Messi: Only player in FIFA history to win 4
    Ballon d'Or in a row.
    Messi: 2 Eauropean Cups
    Messi: 1 Olympic Gold
    Messi 10 league titles
    Messi: 1 under 20 World Cup champion
    Messi: 3 Club world champion
    Messi: 3 European Super Cup
    Messi: 4 Champions league
    Messi: Copa America Champion beating Brazil © in the final, awarded best player of the tournament, most assist most scoring.
    Messi: La Finalissima Champion, The 2022 match, known as the "Finalissima", took place between the winners of UEFA Euro 2020 (held in 2021), Italy, and the winners of the 2021 Copa América, Argentina, at Wembley Stadium in London, England. Argentina won the match 3-0 for their second title..

  8. Excellent commentary and insight through La Copa del Mundo!! Made a follower out of me from here on out! Go enjoy your well deserved rest fellas and thank you!!!

  9. HOw on Earth did they ever let David Mosse get on television? Baseball hat and schlumped over like a shmuck? I actually love it.

  10. Messi faced every so called new best in football and beat them all, Lewandoski, Mordric, Mbappe, the Netherland players, no matter who you want to call the new football star was destroyed by Messi, proving Nobody is even close to Messi

  11. Thank you to all of you men and women that provided coverage for this WC. It truly was fantastic.
    I’m sad it’s over. It’s one of those things that you think will go on forever, but it doesn’t :/

    This WC was incredible. I wanted Messi and Argentina to win so bad. What a ride!! I’ve never yelled so loud!

    Again, THANK YOU!

  12. They had a wonderful time in Qatar and were afraid to say they had a wonderful time. That's a loaded question 😂😂😂 The US is officially mentally ILL.

  13. I still believe France was the better team. I am dumbfounded how Argentina dominated the midfield. How can this be explained?

  14. To the crew of State of the Union, thank you for bringing us the greatest sport event for humanity. I am an older soccer fan born in Colombia and have seen your careers evolve. I have warm memories from your playing days and: I LOVE THE SOCCER PASSION YOU ALL HAVE. I also have the blues at the end. THANK YOU !

  15. "Third human to score a hat trick" come on man, we're talking about men's football here contextually and "human" lol just say person dude.

    I love Carli Lloyd she's given me a lot of great memories but I wouldn't want to hear the male players on the women's world cup shows either.

  16. Who wants to bet me that David Mosse was not routing for France! lol In this planet, there are 8 billion people, everyone that supports Brazil, hates Argentina and vice versa!

  17. Pele at 16 won his first World Cup, third one at 30. Only player with THREE World Cups…the GOAT!!

  18. A less than mediocre player called Alexi says that he`s not impressed with Messi, he doesn`t move him and he`s not a fan of him … dude, Lionel would`ve chewed you up and spat you out, humiliated you, run circles around you on his worst day when he was 16 years old

  19. I really Appreciate your pragmatic opinion. I agree with you in many comments you said…especially about Messi. Great final…any team.could be the champion…this time was for Argentina. Like great soccer and also show and competitive games..!! Hope USA can do a better World Cup on 2026!!! We can't wait!!!

  20. I can't believe the need to apologize for coverage. It was a breath of fresh air for a sports company to leave politics out of the broadcast. Entire crew did a great job.

  21. French players, besides Mbappe, helped Messi win the game by not playing harder during first 60 mins.
    Example: passing accuracy went down 40% during that period.

  22. Good lord, poor old Lalas is going to have to pay royalties to Men In Blazers for use of their EIGHT YEAR OLD “size the day” joke.

    Haven’t you got your own writers?

  23. The football was great and yes probably the best ever, at least in recent history… but the fox sports broadcasting was forgettable and just as awful as fox soccer always is. Fox constantly patting themselves on the back this entire month has been nauseating. I hope Alexi and the fox team understand people aren’t watching because of him and the fox sports team. Its the world cup, a pile of bricks could host these shows and people would watch.

  24. the best part about Alexi is that if you know him, he knows you, and we all love soccer and each other

  25. Not Pele he’s the top man he’s in his 90s making everyone laugh so Messi is 2 and that’s a great spot

  26. Fox Sports' coverage of the World Cup Finals was disappointing, particularly the analysis. ESPN FC does a much better job of digging deeper into the tactics, whereas Fox tried so hard making it all about Messi v Mbappe and all the flashy headlines. How about the Argentinian midfield, with MacAllister, Fernandez, and De Paul who bossed the French midfield for the first 80 minutes and shut down Griezmann? How about the early substitutions made by Deschamps and the initial set up he had? What about the difference in how these players perform in their respective clubs, and how they played on their national teams (e.g., Griezmann comes to mind)? How about the beautiful counter on Argentina's 2nd goal, with the one touch passing through 6-7 of their players?

    The lack of tactical sophistication by the media contributes to why our nation is lagging in this sport. The parents who watch this coverage will go out to their kids' games lacking the understanding of all of the roles required to make a great team, will only focus on how their kid plays on the ball, making flashy moves, and will be yelling nonsense on the sidelines. The kids won't learn how to play correctly either, without understanding the different roles on the pitch. If you watch the NBA Finals or the Super Bowl, the analysis of the sport is top notch. We need that in soccer as well. Only then will we see real talent emerge from our country and a really competitive national team.

  27. As a neutral observer, I think the best team won. Argentina the ball better and created more chances. France did not even take a shot at goal in the first half. Then Argentina took off Di Maria and started playing defense and running down the clock. A penalty can change the game. Once it was 2-2, Argentina started to dominate the game again. I hated to see it decided by goal kicks but Argentina never missed a shot.

  28. Alexi Lalas the best Soccer commentator in a long time. He at least gets excited when he talks..everybody did a phenomenal job. it would be nice to hear more excitement from the narrators of the games. especially when a goal it's scored. just too flat, No excitement.

  29. Hard to compare how rude defenders were in Pele, Maradona time compared to today’s rules.

  30. Thank you both very much Alexi and D’Marion, for the comprehensive coverage of FIFA World Cup 2022. I’m looking forward to the women’s tournament next summer. Until then, “Merry Christmas”! ❤🙏🏽💚🌞☺️🤍✝️🇺🇸🌎🎉

  31. Messi
    Johan Cryuff (the only guy who actually inspired and changed the game, you be the judge in this list)!

  32. As far as pure talent goes, perhaps Messi is not greater than Ronaldo Nazario, but there's a difference between pure talent (paper) and putting grit and mettle to the test on the pitch. The thing that separates the greats and their talent level is TIME. And Messi has withstood the test of time and prospered. This World Cup cements his legacy as the current Greatest of All Time. Nothing More. Nothing Less. Could he have been considered the GOAT without it? Surely, but the last remaining trophy case window is now filled and closed. Will he forever be the GOAT? Only time will tell… But I for one, think it will be a very very long time before we see someone that can achieve the level of success and greatness that Messi has provided us. It will be a sad day when he hangs up the boots for good.

  33. France did nothing in the first half that's why it's not the greatest game… GIROUD, DEMBELE and GREASEMAN had nothing to give!!!! They left mbappe out there with young subs!!!!!! They played great but couldn't finish like veteran players…. The moment was TOO HUGE!!!

  34. "Messi does not move me." You have to be pretty disturbed to not be moved by Messi. But it makes sense, a player of Alexi's caliber in his prime looks U-12 when compared with Messi.

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