Why Todd Boehly SACKED Potter and it's IMPLICATIONS for Chelsea

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Why Todd Boehly SACKED Potter and it's IMPLICATIONS for Chelsea

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  1. Thanks for watching! Who do you think will be Chelsea's next manager?

    Ps: Trippier obviously doesn't play for Chelsea that was a mistake 😅 like i said i was doing the United Newcastle video 😅😅

  2. Potter was just a victim of the turmoil Chelsea is in…Tuchel was no different either. The problem started since the English authorities forced Abramovich out of the club that resulted in a lot of major changes at the club. The club likely will not start to show reasonable signs of recovery from the major shocks it has been exposed to until next seasoning. I am a Chelsea fan and i think most of the fans have been unrealistic in their expectations of the club at this time. If i were a manager, with things as they are at the club, I would not take a Chelsea job, unless I am able to get at least a preseason with these players and the squad is cut. When all is said and done the manager takes the blame regardless of the circumstances. Potter made a gamble and it backfired. Unfortunately fans only care about results.

  3. I think firing tuchel was a horrible mistake as you should back a coach that won CL in 6 months. I dont get firing a coach that delivers to hire a coach that will deliver in 1-2 years. It was obvoious there wouldnt be patience for that after splashing 600 mil. I think sacking potter was right but he was in a difficult position and I wish him the best

  4. Whilst Potter was probably not the right fit for Chelsea, the new owners have made mistake upon mistake and seem to be going into reverse. They took over a decent team and turned it into a mess whilst spending £500m doing it. It is time for Boehly and company to reflect on their impetuous decisions and take a step back and calmly reflect on the qualities and assets of club and find a manager who can optimise on those resources. There appear to be a lot of highly paid people in the background making footballing decisions that have no understanding of the nuances of the club and our literally trying to rebuild a club with no clear direction. If this continues the fans will be baying for the departure of the new kids on the block.

  5. He shouldn't have been hired ib the first place but they made the right choice of sacking him now coz it would've gone worse if the form continued. Clear as day he was out of his depth now that theirs structure and boehly isn't involved hopefully they make the right appointment. I hope we get nagelsmann coz our system and players suit him plus vivell knows him well

  6. 1) stop making excuses. Potter was mid and the team was ALWAYS worse after halftime which is when the manager earns their money. He isn't a top 10 coach.
    2) we never should've changed managers. I back TB b/c he knows what is means to win in sports and has spent the $ needed to win. Sacking TT was a huge mistake which has set us back 2 years minimum.
    3) CP brings something that no one else on our team brings so we need to stop acting like he NEEDS to go.
    4) The older (not Thiago) defenders need to go. Potter can take Cucerella with him.

  7. We, as fans, should have learned to wait. I think, given time, we would have seen a great team and great football develop. Unfortunately a lot of people don’t understand the finer points of football and eventually made a lot of noise, having got too used to winning things every season. I come from a time when we didn’t win things regularly but then we did… maybe this would have been another reset, in time. Now we’ll never know

  8. the board have really caught major L's with the sacking of Tuchel , bringing in Potter who does play good football but he clearly ended up showing he does not have the capabilities yet to manage a mega club like chelsea ,crucifying him with all the signings and also undermining the influence of the fans .But most of those L's are because they were no little to no football people around them. with the cast they have now, better choices will be made.

  9. at this point just strike a deal with amazon to make a show on whatever happends inside this club, we're clowns fc.

  10. Chelsea is a supposed to be a top contender so after all those months having poor results the president I think got "sick" and felt that his team was getting wrecked so for him it was the obvious move. Also Chelsea "represents" a high status team and they need to keep this way I think by making some moves

  11. I told you its coming soon i am glad he's gone one of worse manager in 30 years at Chelsea we haven't been that bad until potters came in. Like tuchel said its about the results if you don't win no will trust the process. Mid season he came in after 4 games start of the season you said that wrong! I believe there was a bottom-half clause in Potter's contract that saved the owners a lot in compensation! Chelsea slipped into the bottom half, they acted quickly i believe now Chelsea owners pay less not 50 million more like 20 million

  12. Well actually I think sacking Graham potter was the right thing to do. Reasons:
    1) You can understand that Graham potter needs time to work with the players as there were many new players and injuries. But what we have to understand is that with a team like chelsea you are expected to win some matches against lesser opponents. I think the board would still have been happy if they see some progress in the results. And I am talking about winning against teams where you are supposed to win
    2. I think even potter didn't have a definitive answer onto why results were not going good for them. I understand it's players job to finish, but there should be some specific training routine to solve it especially with the attacking talent chelsea possess
    3. Whether it's because of injuries or tactics, switching your defenders were not a good thing to do that too very frequently.
    4.Chelsea were actually poor in set pieces, hardly scored any goals and also tends to concede during set pieces eventhough on field goals may be conceded less
    5. Chelsea never made any comeback wins. This is important. Also there were many situations where they slipped from a winning position.
    6. Finally, this maybe my feeling, I feel the manager is too soft on the players even when they fall short and such an approach may not be enough to attain success at the highest level with the highest team

    Though it won't change anything this season, i feel some players may also be feeling the negative atmosphere and so do the fans when they are that the team is playing mediocre

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