Why Rangnick Must DROP Harry Maguire!

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Why Rangnick Must DROP Harry Maguire!

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  1. It's not entirely Harry Maguire's fault..as the Coaches or Manager should've told him from which side he is suppose to play.

  2. Да тут не только Гарри не о чем, Де Хея тоже дырявый

  3. Mugie likes United's matchs He is a real fan, instead of selling a ticket to him United always gives him a chance to watch football on stadium with players, coz club loves this fan and never changes with anyone else

  4. In the Manchester United football club, there is currently a terrifying curse that blinds coaches from seeing what the fans see from Maguire's performance that is beyond poor. And that always led to coaches getting sacked even though they are not the problem.

  5. Rangnick won't drop Harry. Hope Ten Hag will have the balls to bench this clown till his contract expires. From this video I confirm that De Gea is the best keeper in the world.

  6. He’s funny with all the goal he created for others …….i wonder how man utd see this guy great defender…..😂😂😂

  7. I admit that he makes a lot of mistakes, but in so many of these clips there was nothing he could have done? 😅

  8. Harry Maguire is only player in Manchester united who always score goals for us. – Christiano Ronaldo.

  9. Bec MU. pling bodok tolol adalah herry meguire. Sehrusnya meguire tdak Pntas jdi kapten MU..meguire tdak bisa kontrol mntal rekan 1 tim nya

  10. Form is temporary, class is permanent. Which is why he is still on the England national team. 😂 😂 😂

  11. MU need to lock up their Captain Maguire with a 10-year contract extension right now. He has brought soooo much joy to football fans around the world in the past few years at MU. Just check how many YouTube videos feature Captain Maguire. Seeing HM in the MU uniform is obviously extremely appealing. Hands down the MVP of MU.

  12. The audacity to raise hands and appeal or blame his teammates after he has wronged is one of many reasons why he should be banned not just from the club but from football.

  13. Utd need to drop the Harry hating muppets who have NO idea what the word support means ……………

  14. Yo rangnick needs to replace maguire with like de ligt, Rudiger or even Lindelof. Sell him!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. All clubs in EPL vote him to stay in Man Utd first team. He's the greatest among the goats. Nobody consistently helps others like him. What a humble player!

  16. I think he should stay at Man Utd. he is great! Best wishes from all of us Gooners! COYG!

  17. he is no better than Phil Jones….i think Phil is better….and im not a United fan….

  18. He has no shame to play for united and how the hell the manager let him play every f*** game and the board never kick him out from the club. Maguire is the destruction of united

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