Why Is Harry Maguire Hated So Much?

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Why Is Harry Maguire Hated So Much?

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  1. Harry Maguire should be honest with himself and just give up the captaincy, and he doesn't deserve the hate. However, the criticism has been fair as he's a liability.

  2. As Mr Sports says the guy lacks honesty when with the weight of video evidence against him can he not see how woeful he is at this level pf professional football

  3. in football is a very big bet, if a person can't play and the cause of defeat is due to making a lot of mistakes, it's not a big loss, if it's played right. This person should be removed from the team and left alone, because it is already clearly harmful

  4. Saying he is bad is facts not hate. And please the other players were not pulling their weight as well but not like Maguire, his blunders cost matches, he is incredibly bad. I really can't understand how players (or people in general) like this (so many better out there than them) get to hold such lofty places in football clubs (society in general).

  5. He scores 1 goal & that finger in the ear celebration was unnecessary. He said he was part of the team of tournament. He doesn't think he's not performing well, that's the problem.

  6. He should be honest and go play in Vanarama South/ North. Maybe he can cope up there

  7. Critique is acceptable. Abuse isn't. People need to learn the difference and chill out. As a player he's not playing at the level that's to be expected, but there is no reason for vile personal attacks.

  8. I’ve seen better players in the conference. Whoever sanctioned that signing at man united should be sacked and brought up on charges of fraud.

  9. Now mu defense is strong, meguary can't be played because he is weak and makes a lot of mistakes that cause you to lose, in the match the stakes are very big, because it's a pity, mu don't feel at a loss if mu play people who make a lot of mistakes, mu should pay attention to all that , for people who can't play should just be thrown away because they are harmful

  10. The history of Manchester United is divided to BM(Before Maguire) and AM(After Maguire).

  11. The question is why do they keep putting him in the first team, he doesn't deserve to be on the bench. Let him play on the second team then he will start training and playing harder. He probably doesn't care because he keep on playing first team

  12. Improve slightly, really? Harry is the Clown. He is a Grade A knobhead. A…..wait for it……200k GBP per week knobhead.

  13. It’s not hate man, it’s about capacity according of how much your team payed to sign you.

  14. You said he can be good but later you said he lack awareness he lacks pace he lacks everything a good defender meant to have the only thing that makes me think he is a pro player is his salary.

  15. I dont like MU tho even i dont like this clown… he is clueless… helps mor to his opponents than his teammates! 😀 I dont understand why he still plays… he is f-ing trash.

  16. The most expensive defender is very good for MU. He should play for MU till 35. He makes MU football exciting again

  17. Lol less than half? 😅😅 a Sunday league player is worth more than the Lord 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  18. Paying football fans have a right to boo rubbish players. If i kept being shit at my job, my colleagues and managers wouldnt love me much.

  19. Great upload, mate. For what it's worth….He'll come right given decent coaching, management and support. To write of a player so young is not good.

  20. He might not be decent at the game and shouldn't be captain but he's getting too much hate , he just got a bomb threat , what do you think is going to happen when you try to improve but get put down by everyone including your teammates.

  21. What top club has a style that fits such a slow CB though? It’d be one thing if he had good positioning or good football IQ, but it’s very clear that he has none of those, at least at the top of the EPL level.

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