Why Does Everyone Hate Harry Maguire?

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Why Does Everyone Hate Harry Maguire?

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  1. The fact that this guy was 80 mil is a crime to humanity(he’s probably a cool guy, but I was highly offended by his low iq on the pitch)

  2. I think the way he is being not just protected but promoted makes people hate him even more. 🤷🏻 I mean, this clown is going to the F-ing World Cup!!!! 🤦🏻😂 There are players in the lower divisions more deserving of a place in the squad! Ridiculous!!

  3. you made this short and didn't answer the question lol. It's straightforward common sense as to why he's so hated; it's because he plays like absolute shit

  4. Inability to play good as well as not taking

    accountability for his own mistakes. Whenever he makes a mistake, he feels he must "outplay" an oppponent but usually just ends up outplaying himself and conceding a goal. Then the vicious cycle continues. The criticism is fair as he does nothing to improve his performances and instead blames others. Here's a quick and recent example of just how toxic he is. After the game against Italy he said "we never looked out of control of the game. If we had more quality in the final third the result would have been different". The next game against Germany, Harry Kane said "Maguire was playing with 1 leg that last 10 minutes" making out asif he's a fucking matyr. So we have one interview where he directly shits on Harry Kane, then the next interview is Harry Kane digging Maguire out for his shitty mistakes. If that isn't toxicity, I have no idea what is. He doesn't even belong in a shirt for any football team with that attitude.

  5. He's my Idol he's my fav player and he's thé reason i like football i love u Maguire 🔥

  6. Is there literally anything to love about him? No absolutely nothing. Man is not built for modern football. He lacks every bit of thing a good CB needs. Man is slow as hell, lack awareness, horrible ball playing ability, has no passion and awful tackling ability. Man moves slower than my grand mother and she hasn't even kicked a football in her entire life. Another thing is his ego man has been dog shite since he joined United except for few phases yet he never ever admits his mistakes and god knows come a player this bad was appointed as a United captain, man even lacks good qualities required for a captain. He is probably one of the worst top priced CB of all time!

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