Who's better: Harry Kane or Erling Haaland?

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Who's better: Harry Kane or Erling Haaland?

Question about Who's better: Harry Kane or Erling Haaland?

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  1. I would not take Kane for free. Haaland, Jesus, Mitrovich, Toney, Salah, are all better strikers.

  2. Harry Kane is a much better finisher than Haaland. The angles Kane scores from isn't normal. Haaland is faster and stronger and taller so he will get more chances. But Kane is far superior imo in all other areas. Kane can score from anywhere Haaland can't as yet. Kane is also strong on both feet and Kane brings much more to teams.

  3. City and Haaland is a perfect match. He already was an elite goalscorer in Dortmund, averaged slightly below a goal a match. I think he could average 2 goals a match in City. It sounds ridicolous and it is but he is something else. In Dortmund, he had to work for the goals. In City, he doesnt need to. If he gets twice as many chances, we are looking at 2 goals every match.

  4. Haaland. 9 goals,, one assist, 5 games. 2 hatricks. The way he hold the ball, with defenderS hanging on him… He keeps running, he shoots and scores.

  5. The answer is haaland who got 9 goals in 5 matches compared to Kane getting 8 in the previous 26

  6. Haaland is faster, Kane is a better passer of the ball, but other than that they are similar.

  7. Halfway through his 11th Prem game this year and Haaland has 17 goals. This is not even a discussion.

  8. In said Haaland will score 40 goals this season easily and everybody laughed and I hate Manchester City! Fans are clueless

  9. Harry Kane would have been more or less useless in City squad, due to the presence of KDB / Silva / Foden / Gundogan / Jack / Mahrez. After the departure of Legendary Kun Aguero, City got what they had desperately needed in Haaland.

  10. I think they're different players. Kane in front of goal is same level as Haaland but the scary thing Haaland will get better and his finishing will be unstoppable. Haaland is quicker of the two but Kane's passing ability and vision is one of the best in PL I don't see that in Haaland's game. Both players are a joy to watch. Haaland has nearly 200 career goals already so he will have more goals than Kane when he finishes his career

  11. Is this a joke? Kane is a good player, but Haaland is probably the best player in the world right now. Kane has no speed and goes down like a sack of spuds everytime he feels a nudge on his back.

  12. You can't panic with all the oil money at your disposal. Personally I think this makes the Prem boring, like the Bundesliga.

  13. Jamie says tap in,but you have to have the instincts to get in that position. Then the second in before the defender. The last goal speaks for itself.

  14. As a city fan , cut harry kane some slack , he’s still the best ST in the prem right now. will haaland surpass him ? I think so .. but I don’t think he’s on Kanes level just yet

  15. City is owned by a man from a country heavily involved in slavery and the murder of the LGBTQ community. Let’s not talk about good cause for charity. Ffs

  16. I’m an arsenal fan and I’d say Kane is a better overall player even though I hate his on field antics. Haaland at the minute is younger and fitter

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