Which club will sign Cristiano Ronaldo?

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Which club will sign Cristiano Ronaldo?

Question about Which club will sign Cristiano Ronaldo?

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  1. Bro Manchester city wanted him like clubs will pay for his name he too famous and still plays

  2. I'm sure Sporting would be happy to have him. The problem is that he would be too expensive. Unless he was willing to take a substantial salary cut.
    But man… the brit media is obsessed about Ronaldo.

  3. cr7 can go anywhere, but don't go to my favorite club Newcastle United, it could crash later

  4. If he was to take a wage cut I don't think it would be a bad thing to go on a short term contract until end of season to Liverpool. We all know he hasn't got the legs like he did in his 20's but does have quality still and he could play a little deeper more just behind the strikers and making them late runs in box from Trent and Robinson cross its. He would give Liverpool options in vial moments free kicks, penalty and heading to just some. Liverpool have signed an older player in pass an it worked. Look at Gary McAllister, Paul Ince, and James Milner I know they are very different type of player but it just maybe a great partnership he has so much to offer even at 37. Just throwing it out there.

  5. He is staying in Europe 100%. He wants to stay relevant. Chelsea or Newcastle. Maybe a club like Sevills perhaps?

  6. Ronaldo plays for which team again from being played in Manchester United he will batter them

  7. If only juve knew how to use him we would again see the 50+ goal machine but scoring 30+ goal in the toughest league like serie a is not a small thing.

  8. I started making a video, I didn’t do it before, it turns out badly, please support, I will try

  9. Alot of Haters talking about someone else 😴 life …cr7 and Messi are 🦵 🦿 legends 👏🏿 forever, they have done alot for their clubs 👏🏿 and Country…

  10. in my opinion the first thing that Ronaldo has to do is acceptance, given is past career he has been at the top but now time has caught up with him. if he swallows his ego, lower his salary lots of teams can pardon on him.

  11. The one who bites the hand that feeds him.
    What he has done to ManU was evil.
    He is an international pariah. ManU should sue him.

  12. Now the team can ‘press from the front’ let’s see where they finish this season and how long the manager will still be at united. Joke of a club. Benching Ronaldo 🧐🧐

  13. I.e. you haven't a clue and are guessing like the rest of us…. its premium click bait folks…. stop clicking!

  14. If Ronaldo shows the world his talent on the World Cup – many Clubs will want to have him… Roma and Chelsea are the best Choices for Ronaldo now…

  15. The Holy BIBLE said : " A prophet is honoured everywhere but not in his own house and own country. (see Matthew 13:57) C Ronaldo will succeed end career in Bayern Munich or Chelsea

  16. My pick would be Chelsea or MLS.

    Chelsea owner is a fan, all the Chelsea players are not superstar egos meaning they wouldn't have a problem, Potter will accept him because he's still new at Chelsea so will try to please his boss, Chelsea is in the Champions League, they have the money.

    MLS because his career is finished and he wants to enjoy the scenery in America and Hollywood.

  17. I’ve heard he’s coming to Livingston on a tenner a week deal. (Just speculation though) x

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