Where to pre-order Starfield: price, release date and differences between editions

Bethesda’s sprawling space exploration RPG, Star Field will finally launch on September 6 on Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S and PC.

From the same team that brought us Fallout 4 And Skyrimthe high-profile space epic sees players soar to the stars to forge their own story, explore over 1,000 unique planets, design and pilot their own ships, discover alien artifacts and assassinate countless space pirates .

You have several options when it comes to pre-ordering Star Field ahead of its September 6 launch date, depending on whether you’re looking for the standard edition, premium digital edition, or special “constellation” edition for collectors.

Each of the three special editions of Star Field includes bonus content, with the £249.99 Collector’s Edition including the entire set, plus a limited edition Star Field Chronomark smart watch and case.

Below we’ve put together a list of the best places to pre-order Star Field in the UK, plus how to get your hands on the best bonus content.

Where to Pre-Order the “Starfield” Standard Edition


The standard edition of Star Field is available as a digital download from the Xbox Store or as a physical copy of the game in a box. It comes with the costume from the game “Old Mars”.

The standard edition is also available on PC, but only as a digital download.

Xbox Series X/S (physical copy)

Xbox Series X/S (digital download)

PC (digital download via Steam)

Where to Pre-Order the “Starfield” Premium Digital Edition


Pre-order the premium digital edition of Star Field and you can start playing the game five days earlier. You’ll also receive the first story expansion pack for free when it launches, as well as the in-game Constellation Costume, digital artbook, and soundtrack.

As this edition is only available for download, Xbox players can find it on the Xbox store.

PC players can purchase a download code directly from Steam or from a third-party retailer.

Where to Get the “Starfield” Premium Digital Edition Upgrade

If you purchased the standard edition of Star Field Or if you’re playing the game on Xbox Game Pass and want to benefit from the additional content found in the Premium Digital Edition, you can pay to upgrade your game.

Of course, you will already need to have a standard copy of Star Field for the upgrade to work.

Xbox Series X/S


Where to pre-order the “Starfield” Constellation Edition

The “constellation” edition of Star Field comes with a real smartwatch, as well as all the bonus content found in the other editions, a clothing patch, a replica credit key with a digital download code engraved on it, and a Steelbook display case.

The Constellation Edition is available exclusively from Game.

Is “Starfield” coming to PS5?

Star Field does not launch on PS5. The game is exclusively available on Xbox Series X/S and PC, with no PlayStation version planned.

Xbox parent company Microsoft has acquired exclusive rights to Star Field when it recently acquired Bethesda in a historic $7.5 billion deal. This means that it is unlikely that Star Field will soon appear on Sony’s rival console.

Is “Starfield” on Game Pass?

Star Field is available on Xbox Game Pass on day one. You can sign up for Game Pass Ultimate for £12.99 per month, giving you access to hundreds of games on demand, including the standard edition of Star Field.

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