When was Cristiano Ronaldo in his Prime?

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When was Cristiano Ronaldo in his Prime?

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CR7’s unbelivable career may be coming to its eventual end but with over 2 decades spent at the pinnacle of the sport, he will …
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  1. How dare people disrespect CR7? I personally believe Messi is the best ever, but CR7 is the only guy comparable to Messi. There were days were Ronaldo would comvince me that he was the GOAT based on how he would grind out wins for his teams. Ronaldo did it for so long, in every league, at every age, in every way. Only a year ago he was tearing the PL up at 37 while Messi was struggling in a farmers league and everyone was at odds to who the real GOAT was. I was 8 years old when I first heard of Ronaldo, now I'm 26 and the guy is still at the top of the game. Yes the guy got benched at the WC and Messi played the tournament of his life to bring the Cuo home and put an end to the GOAT debate but Ronaldo's longevity, consistency and clutchness are trully remarkable. What an era we have witnesses, it's sad that it's come to an end.

  2. Haven't seen the video but there's only one correct answer:

    Noodle hair Ronaldo

  3. Real fans will say 2008 season when he won fifa player of the year winning the premier league with 31 goals and winning the champions league

  4. I am dreading the day CR7 retires, hope to see him in a few games before that, the football world has never seen anything like Cristiano, the best of all time imo!

  5. They could have shown the clip where he's crying back to the locker room……that would have been something

  6. Ronaldo was always on his prime
    It was just Messi made him look JUST ABOVE AVERAGE

  7. Ronaldo at his prime is the most complete player of all time.

    Ronaldo is simply the greatest of all time

  8. He's truly one of the best the Beautiful game has given to us, This man has given us such golden moments, Ones that will never be forgotten, Love both of em' man, one of the GOAT.

  9. take any version of ronaldo and he's still the best ever player (alongside prime messi) to have played the game

  10. Unfortunately, it turns out Ronaldo was all about himself and the game has moved on. There are players who can do what he does while working hard for the team in a system, that’s why he is in Saudi and has even sacked his agent Mendes who I guess he blames for no UCL team wanting him.

  11. The 'World known Trade Mark : SIIIUU !!!!!! ' come from when he play for The Best Football Club in the World…and it is Spanish word.

  12. And now we know why BARCELONA were winning all that home titles constantly! MOURINHO and CR7 knew well what BARCA were doing, that's why the press and others went after them.
    One of the most famous questions ever. WHY , WHY? = MOURINHO 😁😅

  13. Man united was a fool to pick roony over Ronaldo. I bet everyone regrets that but it’s so stupid even at the time considering what they both did, Hohnestly pretty racist as it was prolly a race thing

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