When is GCSE 2023 results day in Wales next week?

After a busy school year of hard work, homework and exams, many students will be waiting anxiously to see what grades they have achieved in their GCSEs before progressing to A levels.

WJEC, Wales’ largest awards body, said: “Results day is a great day for learners, but it’s important to stay relaxed and keep things in perspective.

“Whether you get your GCSE or A-level results – remember you’ll have a range of options and pathways available to you, regardless of your grades!”

Still have a question about this year’s results? 🤔

Check out our extensive range of FAQs covering everything from grading and results publishing services to university applications: https://t.co/EbTcVt7FEC #ResultsWales

— WJEC (@wjec_cbac) August 16, 2023

In most cases, students will need to travel to school to pick up their results.

So you don’t miss the big day, here’s when GCSE Results Day will be held in Wales in 2023.

When is Wales GCSE 2023 results day?

GCSE results day 2023 in Wales will take place on Thursday 24 August.

The Leader: GCSE results day will take place in Wales next week.GCSE results day will take place in Wales next week. (Picture: PA)

Students who will also be able to pick up their results on Thursday (August 24) will include:

  • Level 1/2 professional awards and certificates
  • entry level
  • Level 1 and 2 certificates (Latin and additional mathematics)
  • Language courses
  • Skills Challenge Certificate – Welsh Baccalaureate Qualification National/Foundation
  • Cymraeg Gwaith

What if you can’t collect your GCSE results at school?

If you are unable to retrieve your results from schoolyou must contact your school.

They can then notify students of the results by mail or telephone.

How do you appeal your GCSE results?

Not happy with your grades or think there may be an error in your GCSE results?

Well don’t worry, you can call them.

According to WJEC, all you have to do is talk to the staff at your school or college and they will be able to offer you advice and guidance.

THE WJEC website reads: “Your school or college may request one of our ‘Results Display Services’.

“You must give permission to your school and college before they request post-results service on your behalf.”

There are three post-results services available that review your grades:

  • Access to scripts – the WJEC provides an electronic copy of your exam scripts
  • Grading review – the WJEC reviews its grading to ensure that your work has been correctly graded according to the grading system
  • Administrative double check – a check is made to ensure that all notes have been included and added up correctly

The WJEC website adds: “If, after a review of the grading, your school or college believes there is still an error, they may submit an appeal on your behalf.”

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