What Does $200 Get You In BARCELONA?

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What Does $200 Get You In BARCELONA?

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  2. saw you at Spannabis this weekend,. let me know if I can send you some autoflower seeds

  3. Wow you got me rethinking my trip to spanabis next year I got a few homies that will hook me up but dang 200 euros for 3 gm of flower .6 of gmo rosin and 2 prerolls like is the preroll game over there different than California cuz I don’t even buy them they are always shake and distillate I can find a awesome eighth for $20 us and if I want to fortify it throw in a half gram of mid rosin and boom u got a fire hash hole for 25 bucks

  4. if you want tò try some Ìtalian Dank i would be happy! ,Whatt i breed and grow put in shame 90% of spanish weed in november! Most of spanish grower are the Italians that here were treated as 🤡🤡 ,with infected hlv plants and fake "Breeder cuts"³ so they migrate to Bcn to make a living!And i didnt even talk about the ònes that are now making hash in morocco, destroyng 2000years old traditions!

  5. Hey Drew, what's up? I had a head injury when I was 14. Is it the trauma that make us love weed, let me know, Denzil.

  6. Did u get all that on the plane back? I'm going barca soon and very intrigued lol, I have my can card and stuff to if that helps lol

  7. I hear him on "there was no good Spanish flower". Bro Spannabis or not I went Barcelona last year, I went to Cookies and the Plug. Bro deadddddddddddd. Being from London I was so disappointed, no disrespect to the companies but I wouldnt even waste my time. I have no interest in going back. I havent been Spain once and had good flower. Hash yes! They got some banging ash, flower was garbage.. or if im nice mediocre, but all black ash and minimal terps and taste.

  8. Bro just read about what happened to you get better soon and guys becareful out in barca them taxi drivers are hungry and spannabis they know all tourist will have money and buds on them so robberies are at a all time high…..

  9. Drew my man haven't seen you in a solid red minute. I think that's from youtube white listin ya

  10. I spend half my time in Spain and the bud is dead. The growers are ten years behind 😂 bless them..also trying to dry a grow in Spain is difficult so in my opinion that’s why it all tastes like shite..

  11. Come and test Bolton bud in greater Manchester guaranteed higher average than Manchester centre

  12. There are real clubs in bcn. Don’t fall for the shit you see in this channel. Support local growers, don’t go to those tourist traps with shit weed packed with pesticides.

  13. I would be thousands in debt if weed was that expensive😭 I buy a pound at a time for $500-$1000 and it lasts months I could probably make 200 pre rolls with that which if we’re bought at the shops would cost $10,000 plus😵‍💫

  14. I live in LA and these prices are FUCKT! 50 euros for 3g?? another 50 euro for half g of rosin.. FUCKT

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