What Do Italo Ferreira, His Dog, and Cristiano Ronaldo Have In Common?

What Do Italo Ferreira, His Dog, and Cristiano Ronaldo Have In Common? 1

Italo Ferreira named his dog “Peniche”.

If you name your loyal, smelly friend after an obscure European settlement then you likely love said obscure European settlement.

And anything Italo loves I want to know about. Why? Because he’s a caffeinated stride above human and a step below god. Have you heard about his daily schedule during the SITD shoot? Here’s a hint: two gym sessions, 3 surfs, beach soccer, and a party with Brazil’s nouveau riche after nightfall.

But the video above showcases more than just Italo. It’s a raw collection of clips from an A+ day at Supertubos — the next CT stop whose waiting period starts tomorrow. Supertubos has seen a stellar winter season, with back-to-back swells being forecasted weeks in advance. Because of this, the lineup has seen an Ocean’s Eleven amount of stardom in one place as CT surfers arrived early to practice in the best conditions the area has to offer. 

The forecast, at least for the first few days, isn’t looking as star-studded. But there is hope for solid size Friday and Saturday which could make for a grand finale. 

For those plotting a (legal) heist of their own, here’s a run-down of Betonline for the Meo Rip Curl Pro Portugal Presented by Corona.

Mikey C’s Betonline.ag picks below. 

  • $20 on Joao chianca at +1400 to win $280
  • $10 on Caio Ibelli at +6600 to win $660
  • $10 on LOB at +10000 to win $1000
  • $10 on Leo Fioravanti at +6600 to win $660
  • $75 on Gabriel Medina at +400 to win $300
  • $10 on Yago Dora at +5000 to win $500
  • $50 on Italo Ferreira at +650 to win $325
  • $50 on Tyler Wright at +600 to win $300
  • $15 on Sally fitz at +2500 to win $375
  • $50 on Tati WW at +600 to win $300

Total spend: $300

Pipe earnings: $898
Sunset earnings: $1465
Season earnings: $2363

Place your bets here.

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