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And here is Jacob Steinberg’s match report.

Antonio says West Ham didn’t start well last season and wanted to change that. They won “the European Cup, he said, but were still disappointed with how the championship went.

Today he talks about how difficult the game was and how hard he and the team had to work. At half-time, Moyes showed them how to close the pockets in which chelsea came out, allowing them to recover the ball higher. And his goal came, he explains, to see Sanchez take a step in one direction, which prompted him to drill a finish in the other. He scored just five league goals last season, already has one and hopes to continue doing so from now on.

Caicedo’s disaster will distract from Enzo’s missed penalty, but it was probably the turning point of the game. He marks and chelsea might just win; that he took it shows us that his side lack a killer, as no serious centre-forward lets a free goal go to a midfielder.

It should be noted that Chelsea’s second-half dropout followed Chukwuemeka’s departure. He had a very good 45, showing the ball, holding it and using it smartly, so Pochettino hopes he won’t be out for too long. If he is, Gallagher could get the chance to play a more attacking role, which suits him well.

Notes by Jamie Redknapp that the pass Ward-Prowse sent Antonio is not the one Declan Rice has in his locker. That’s a good point, and I imagine Rice would agree; hitting assists is the area he needs to improve the most.

Ward-Prowse tells Sky he had a ‘dream debut’ and notes the energy of the crowd in the closing stages. He knows he was signed in part for his dead ball delivery and they worked on it within the week, but it’s different on an empty pitch. He feels the atmosphere rise when they get a free kick and try to hit an area, but players also need to attack the ball and the team believes they can score in those situations.

Against a good side West Ham know they ‘will have to suffer’ on points, and when asked about his pass to Antonio he says he knows how good his mate is at knocking down balls that aren’t quite That.

Asked about last season, he doesn’t want to talk too much about it because he wasn’t there but he knows that things weren’t going very well and that the team saved themselves by winning the Conference League. Then he leaves, and is already looking at a formidable signature.

“Definitely ‘your grandma bought it for you in Benidorm because you love football’ vibrates to the Chelsea kit this season, ”said Stephen Carr.

I like the simplicity, but the round neck is a little weird.

About what, Here is Gary Pallister’s Man United debut. It turned out to be fine.

Chelsea, meanwhile, showed enough to suggest they can have a decent season. I don’t know how they solve their firepower problem, but once Caicedo settles in – and despite his mess here he’s fine – they shouldn’t need more than a goal or two to win. most matches.

What a result and what a performance for West Ham, and exactly what they needed to restore the Conference League buzz. They were physical, solid, threatening from set pieces and when they needed serious quality, Ward-Prowse and Antonio provided it.

90+6 mins West Ham were very good in the second half, and Paqueta, who looked destined to leave just a week or two ago, celebrates with the Hammers sign.

AIM! West Ham United 3-1 Chelsea (Paqueta pen 90+5)

Paqueta stops, stutters, looks at the keeper… and as he goes left, sweeps right! Game over!

Lucas Paqueta of West Ham United scores.
Lucas Paqueta of West Ham United scores. Photography: Clive Rose/Getty Images


90+4 mins It’s a nightmare for Caicedo! Emerson plays a one-two against Paqueta, whose backheel return is lovely, then moves to the most expensive player in British football history… who can’t help stretching a lazy leg on which the Brazilian tumble!

90+2 mins Now it’s chelsea to attack ! It was a breathless game, Madueke taking the ball out on the right and sliding inside before firing – again towards the corner near the post, Soucek making it difficult for his keeper by popping a leg out. And the deflection he gives makes it tricky, but Areola dives left to shovel.

90+1 mins Poor de Fornals, who gives to Caicedo, but poorer de Caicedol who gives to Fornals, and suddenly he attacks Silva! He weaves into the box, leaning inside before firing an outside shot towards the corner of the near post… and Sanchez does very well to pull away.

90 minutes We’ll have six more minutes.

90 minutes Disasi looks a bit brash, and when Bowen runs him, rather than seeing him in contact, he slams him instead, allowing West Ham to consume more time than they have left.

89 minutes West Ham have done very well since dropping to 10. chelsea I had a lot of the ball but very few chances, and I don’t think they deserve that much added time.

87 minutes “I hope this isn’t the last time we see Antonio,” replies Kári Tulinius. “Of all the Premier League players who left for the Saudi league or are said to be leaving, he’s the one I would miss the most. There aren’t many around who have his movement creativity. This little moment in the FA Cup against Derby County is Bergkampesque.”

85 minutes Sterling does a great job of isolating Paqueta, rinsing him outside before setting up another cross which Mudryk arrives on. He has plenty of time to watch the flight of the ball, arranging his body to cushion and place the side foot into the far side net… only to slice a wretched effort wide and plentiful. It’s just not working for him right now.

84 minutes Sterling has been nearly silent this half, but he rushes outside Alvarez and Emerson, standing on a cross… which Ogbonna pushes away.

83 minutes now a change for chelsea, the young Mason Burstow replacing Gusto; immediately, a Madueke corner yields another from the opposite side, and Mudryk’s effort is cleared.

81 minutes Change for West Ham, Alvarez for Ward-Prowse who, with two assists, showed exactly why Moyes bought him.

80 minutes Again Gusto crosses from the right, and Zouma’s header clearly lands on Colwill on the edge… but he can only shoot wide.

79 minutes Chelsea got Gusto on the right and his low cross is good, racing down the hall with no one to attack him. Then West Ham counter, Fornals sweeping a fine pass into Bowen, who senses Disai at the back and therefore knows he can turn away, eventually trading passes with Fornals before firing from 20 yards, Sanchez fumbling before grabbing.

78 minutes No, he goes straight to Caicedo on the edge and that’s the end of it.

78 minutes Mudryk has done a lot more, but he draws a foul from Coufal on the left which allows Fernandez to deflect on another free kick…

76 minutes Another change for West Ham, with Fornals replacing Antonio, who was excellent in the second half. I’m not sure I understand this change as it’s a great out-ball whether trolling or hunting; if it’s flat, send Ings or Mubama, uh, “for me”.

75 minutes Change to chelseaMadueke in place of Gallagher – who must know his starting spot could well be stolen by Caicedo – although he could be saved by Chukwuemeka’s insult.

74 minutes Disasi is the reserve man in this latest attack, pumping a cross past the back post and behind.

73 minutes “Your clip from the 85-86 game,” emails Richard Gibbs. “The pitch reminded me of my playing days at Hackney Marshes! and also, why was Rougvie booked? He was giving a little hug to Strachan, his teammate in 1983 when Aberdeen beat Real Madrid!

My God, Rougvie versus Strachan is a mismatch if ever there was one. And about Aberdeen, the 1983 BBC doc is worth your time.

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