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Harry Kane said he ‘couldn’t have asked for a better night’ on his Bundesliga debut after scoring a goal and creating another in Bayern Munich’s 4-0 win at Werder Bremen.

‘Couldn’t have asked for better’: Harry Kane scores and assists on Bayern Munich debut – video

Nick Ames was at the Weserstadion for us tonight. Here is his report.

Full-time: Werder Bremen 0-4 Bayern Munich

Peeppeep! Bayern begin their final title defense with an ultimately comfortable victory in Bremen. They had a few nervous moments at the start of the second half, when Bremen threatened to equalise, but the competition ended abruptly when Harry Kane scored his first goal for Bayern in the 74th minute.

It was a good night for Kane, who also scored Leroy Sane’s first goal. Bayern added two more in injury time: Sane got his second and Mathys Tel exploded in the fourth.

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It’s getting ugly now. French teenager Mathys Tel, powered by Davies, passes the ball past Pavlenka at the near post. It’s a crisp finish.

Muller cut inside from the right and played one-two with Choupo-Moting on the edge of the box. Sane ignored the ball, knowing it was offside, allowing Muller to run on the return pass. Muller then returned the ball to Sane – onside because it was a new phase of play – and he tapped into an empty net.

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Leroy Sane gets his second, and it’s a nice team goal.

86 minutes Tel’s shot takes a deflection and spins over the bar. The game is over.

85 minutes Mazraoui makes a brilliant run into the box, spins inside the last defender but then shoots straight at Pavlenka with his left foot.

83 min: Triple replacement for Bayern Thomas Muller, Eric Maxim Choup-Moting and Mathys Tel replace Harry Kane, Jamal Musiala and Kingsley Coman. Nobody seems worried about Kane, who receives a pat on the back from Thomas Tuchel.

82 minutes Kane is down, although there doesn’t seem to be anything to worry about.

79 min: replacement of Bayern Konrad Laimer replaces Leon Goretzka.

79 min: Double substitution for Bremen Dawid Kownacki and Leon Opitz replace Anthony Jung and Jens Stage.

78 minutes In addition to scoring the first goal and scoring the second, Harry Kane didn’t do much tonight.

It was made by Davies, who meep-meep thrillingly down the left and slipped a nice angled pass to Kane. His first touch was flawless, setting up for a shot from the edge of the box with his second. Kane looked Pavlenka in the eye then dragged his shot to the near post. It took a slight touch of the sliding Pieper but it still fit.

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Harry Kane scores his first goal for Bayern!

Harry Kane celebrates the 0-2 goal during the German Bundesliga first division soccer match between Werder Bremen and FC Bayern Munich.
Harry Kane celebrates the 0-2 goal during the German Bundesliga first division soccer match between Werder Bremen and FC Bayern Munich. Photograph: Ina Fassbender/AFP/Getty Images

73 minutes Bayern have a little more control defensively, certainly compared to the first 15-20 minutes of the second half.

71 minutes Kane makes a smart run through the area, on Coman’s pass, but Friedl tracks it well and Kane scuffs his shot wide. He should have tried to throw that back at Coman, who had a much clearer shot.

70 minutes Sane and Musiala combine to find Coman, who is struggling 15 yards away. These three know each other so well that it’s probably no surprise that Kane hasn’t seen much of the ball tonight.

68 min: Double substitution for Bremen Christian Gross and Romano Schmid replace Senne Lynen and an unfortunate Leo Bittencourt.

68 min: replacement of Bayern Matthijs de Ligt replaces Kim Min-jae as centre-back.

67 minutes Coman throws Kimmich, who winds up 22 yards.

65 minutes It’s no longer a comfortable night for Bayern. The second half was far too open for their liking.

63 min: Right next to Stage! It’s an end-to-end thing. Kim’s clearance only goes as far as Stage, 25 yards out, and he crushes an early drive that goes a few yards wide. It looked closer live than on the replay, although it was yet another dangerous attack on Bremen.

61 min: Good save from Pavlenka! Kimmich slips a straight pass into Kane, 40 yards from goal. He loses a defender far too easily, moves to the edge of the box and fires a low kick which is pushed around the post by the Pavlenka dive.

61 minutes Harry Kane didn’t see the ball much in the second half. I don’t remember a contact, although I’m sure he had one or two.

60 minutes Coman’s backheel releases Davies down the left. He slides the ball to the edge of the box, where Goretzka hits a well-blocked first shot.

59 min: Substitution of Werder Scotland Oliver Burke replaces Mitchell Weiser.

58 mins: Coman hits the post! Davies sent a pass to Coman, returning to goal just inside the box. He turned around smartly and curled a right-footed shot that beat Pavlenka’s dive and hit the right post.

Bayern Munich's Kingsley Coman (left) on the run with the ball alongside Alphonso Davies.
Kingsley Coman (left) on the run with the ball alongside Alphonso Davies. Photograph: Focke Strangmann/AFP/Getty Images

56 minutes And now Lynen is booked for taking out Musiala.

55 minutes Kim is booked for a cynical foul on Fullkrug, which is starting to cause some problems for Bayern.

52 minutes Kim makes an excellent last-man challenge on Ducksch, although any goal wouldn’t have counted as Ducksch was well offside.

51 minutes At the other end, Mazraoui’s center is poorly controlled by Goretzka, eight meters from goal. It was another good chance, even if it came to him almost on the half-volley.

49 minutes Bremen started the second half with much more intensity. They win the ball high up the field which gives them another decent chance. Ducksch forces a pass from the left to Fullkrug, who hits it into the area but then sends the bouncing ball over the bar.

48 minutes “I’m not a tactical genius,” says Peter Oh, “but if Werder want to get something out of this game, they shouldn’t replace their leader. He would be a sitting Ducksch.

47 min: Luck for Bittencourt! Sane’s shot is knocked down by Pavlenka, who is able to catch it on the second attempt. Bremen goes straight to the right, with Fullkrug on the ball. He slips a clever pass into the area for Bittencourt, who goes past the first post on the stretch.

46 minutes A quick departure from Bremen. A cross from the left heads for the edge of the area, where Weiser whips the bouncing ball over the bar. He thought he had a deviation; the referee disagreed.

46 minutes Peeppeep! Bremen start the second half.

Reading at halftime

Half time: Werder Bremen 0-1 Bayern Munich

Kimmich’s corner kicks away, and it’s the end of a predictable one-sided first half. Harry Kane scored a goal for Leroy Sane in four minutes, and the only surprise was that Bayern didn’t add to their lead. Kane was fairly calm after that, although he had a few decent moments both in defense and attack.

45+2 mins Kane wins a corner at the other end, which Kimmich will take…

45+2 mins Ducksch’s dangerous free kick from the right is diverted by Kane, in front of his goalkeeper Ulreich.

45+1 mins Three minutes of additional time.

45 minutes Kimmich’s deep, outgoing corner is met by Kim, whose powerful header is too close to Pavlenka.

Kim Min-jae makes his league debut for Bayern Munich alongside Harry Kane.
Kim Min-jae makes his league debut for Bayern Munich alongside Harry Kane. Photography: Marvin Ibo Guengoer/GES Sportfoto/Getty Images

44 minutes Musiala zigzags past three players on the edge of the box and hits a shot that deflects for a corner.

43 minutes Goretzka plays a nice one-two with Musiala at the edge of the box, then leaves the ball behind him. It was almost very good luck.

42 minutes Kimmich throws a miserable free kick into orbit.

40 minutes Kane cleverly pulls away from Friedl, 25 yards from goal, and is fouled. Another free kick from a decent position for Bayern.

40 minutes Ducksch forces a decent save from Ulreich, although the flag has long been raised for offside.

39 minutes Kane, 15 yards out, has a left-footed shot blocked by Veljkovic after a quick pass from Bayern.

37 minutes Bremen are hanging on, which is never very good when you already have one less goal. Bayern are too good. Who knew.

36 minutes Kane didn’t have too many touches, although he did score the goal, so we’re not quite in dismissal territory.

34 minutes Goretzka lands a deflected long-range strike that is saved well, albeit clumsily, by Pavlenka diving. Kane is beaten on the rebound by a defender.

33 minutes After a long pass move from Bayern, Coman cuts inside then goes past a cross for a goal kick.

31 minutes Bayern are too good right now. Bremen can’t get their strike partnership from Fullkrug and Ducksch in the game.

28 minutes There is a break in the game for which Bittencourt receives treatment. He is fine.

25 minutes Sane’s diving corner from the right is met by Kane, whose missed eight-yard volley hits a defender and passes to Pavlenka. It was decent luck, though I suspect he saw it late.

23 minutes Ducksch’s tamed free kick is easily stopped by Ulreich.

23 minutes Upamecano hits Weiser 25 yards out. Ducksch is above the ball…

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