We Need To Talk About Captain Harry Maguire.

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We Need To Talk About Captain Harry Maguire.

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  1. Roy Keane absolutely correct about Harry Maguire should show character and personality and emotion during press conferences about Harry Maguire and Roy Keane had complete character and professional attitude handling press conferences and Roy Keane absolute perfect football punditry analysis and assessment about Harry Maguire needing character and personality and emotion at press conferences and Roy Keane had discipline and personality and encouraging enthusiasm when Roy Keane captained Manchester Utd and Roy Keane's view about the way Harry Maguire should speak at press conferences about Manchester Utd in a captaincy role and the way footballers should play football and captain a football team at Manchester Utd should have personality and enthusiasm talking about football during press conference interviews and Roy Keane had professional attitude and standards and discipline and confident encouraging enthusiasm and technical football ability when Roy Keane captained Manchester Utd and the assessment of Roy Keane of Harry Maguire showing no character or emotion or personality absolutely perfect assessment of Harry Maguire by Roy Keane and character and personality and emotion and technical football ability are essential at Manchester Utd and Harry Maguire should command the captain's armband and press conferences with character and personality and emotion and confidence and Roy Keane assessment wasn't brutal and Harry Maguire could handle press conferences better

  2. He’s honestly a great player did y’all not see that goal he scored for England 😂❤

  3. United and USMNT fan. For the sake of United's future, Maguire needs to be benched or, better, shipped out during the summer to pay for a proper replacement.
    Just hope Southgate starts him against the US. We could use an extra player on the field.

  4. For real, what did anyone see in Harry Maguire?

    I first saw this man in the Russian World Cup and I was not impressed. He was ok.

    Then Man Utd paid 80 MILLION POUNDS for him like his is Maldini or Beckenbauer. Like… for real…

    When you got no scouting nor a plan on what kind of game you're proposing so you can hire the right type of player… you're just going to bring in misfits. And you are going to make a mess.

    Man Utd hired a decent player suited for a mid-table team, and not only they brought him for one of the biggest teams in the world, they payed more than double his value and made him captain of the team.

    Can it be more messy than that? Maybe that equals Alexis Sanchez being given the number 7 and all the money he was given. At least Sanchez was sidelined a lot of time.

    Like… the club has being a total mess for a decade

  5. Sometimes it just dont work for players at a club, any club. Hes had a chance, move him on. Might work for him at another club. Its all about our unique shirt, some sink in it (Leighton, Taibi etc), some double in size (Robson, Cantona, Sealey). You don't know till you get them through the door.

  6. Maguire is easily the Best Defender in the League and who says otherwise is correct.👍🏻

  7. He absolutely does my head in with his pr shit. There was a great Keane interview saying how he needs to just focus on himself. The simplicity of playing to maximum capacity. Lead by doing and by example. It's all hot air pr bollocks. He can stay off social media. He literally does not need to do that ever. Just play.

    Although it's a sad outcome I'd like him to leave. I can't see him coming back

  8. Simply put he isn't better then smalling and it's nice for the rest of you to catch up with the obvious

  9. Play Don't stop playing Harry Maguire they should be playing lindelof of and Eric

  10. He reminds me of Lenglet from Barcelona. I’m a Barcelona fan so I understand your frustration. It’s frustrating that everyone spots how bad the player is but for some reason the coach keeps playing them. Thank god Xavi came and sat him. It’s also the fault of the coach for not sitting him and the club for not finding someone else to replace him. Lenglet still at Barcelona on the bench fortunately thought he is still a nightmare to think he still at Barcelona . Anyways it’s probably the coach who has to go as well because he plays him .

  11. You have talent, work hard, do 3x the amount in training, then Maguire does. But in the end…nothing. Maguire is the perfect example of the player that makes the team, and you have no idea why. I bet its all connection he got into the team

  12. Could you actually get rid of Harry Maguire?, purely from a business point of view does he look like an 80 million pound player? is he even worth half of that? what could you reasonably expect to sell him for given his current form?. If you tried to sell him for what ever you could get what would the bean counters and shareholders have to say. He is the best investment Leicester ever made. Maybe he could go to Salford on loan then the old boys could tear him a new one

  13. A waste of money he is crap put ronaldo as captain get shot of harry he is not captain material

  14. It's not that his level is not good for Manchester United, his level is not good for PREMIERSHIP! How it came to be that he was worth $97M is beyond comprehendible to me… He was a shit defender wayyy before united

  15. When we signed Maguire I have said to my mates it's not a good signing
    He's playing well with Leicester and that's the best he can do, definitely not a Big 6 player
    He's the same as Evans and he was good with Leicester, that's the style players like Maguire and Evans thrive on and we simply don't play that way

  16. david degea have been there for about 10years,only man United to sign Maguire from Leicester and hand him captain armband.
    my opinion you dont give captain to a player you bought lesser team without much experience.
    varren with 4 champions league trophy,la liga world cup and is been captain by a player without any trophy to his name no experience

  17. Give de gea capt title, his probably out perform everyone in the pitch, even his team going against him.

  18. Why is this maguire still on the pitch .. he should have been sold asap. He is the mr bean of football

  19. You know Maguire is truly bad when you realize these videos could be made at any point shortly after his tenure with Man Utd began. I checked to see if this came out after ___ match, but now this video is already a bit old. Videos of this sort pop up after nearly every match.

  20. Imagine this:
    – we bought Harry maguire
    – for 80m
    – was ok at leicester and mostly Bad for us
    – has a free card for playing always
    – he is our captain
    – don’t do Captain things on the pitch
    – but seems to lead a group of players that didn’t achieve anything yet but have big wages
    – they attack new demanding players who want to achieve something
    – they seem to leak against the club and players to cover up this whole fuggery

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