Watch: Cristiano Ronaldo loses his cool after ugly altercation with kid shouting “Messi is so much better”

Watch: Cristiano Ronaldo loses his cool after ugly altercation with kid shouting "Messi is so much better" 1

Cristiano Ronaldo lost his composure after a young fan provoked him during a Saudi Pro League game. The forward had some choice words for the juvenile.

Al Nassr had a sensational 3-1 comeback victory against Al Battin. However, Cristiano had a hard game and had no goals or assists.

However, the highlight of the match was during halftime when they were losing 1-0. A young fan decided to provoke the Portuguese when he was storming to the dressing room in the tunnel by saying, “Messi is so much better.”

How did Ronaldo respond and how does it affect his reputation?

Ronaldo could not keep quiet and lost control. He quickly replied back loudly in Portuguese, “Easy game, f*** easy game.” He was visibly frustrated as he made the comment. The comment was made as Al Nassr was expecting an easy game and instead had to wait for a miracle.

The video does not look good for Ronaldo’s image as it appeared to show him angry at the mention of Messi’s name. The two have been longtime rivals and both of their fanbases regularly argue over which one is the better. A viral video of a fake translation of the situation further attempts to hurt Ronaldo’s reputation. The fake translation is saying, “Go and watch him then, why are you here? ” The video has since divided fans with various differing opinions on the situation. 

A comment said, “Ronaldo is obsessed with Messi he didn’t even stop his sister from saying bad about Messi. How can he be so jealous of him? Messi is a humble guy who works for his team and who doesn’t brag about his achievements.”

Another said, “Ronaldo gets ticked off by the Messi comparison more often.”

Others have defended Ronaldo for his actions. One comment said, “Embarrassing the depths people go to try to create a bad image for Ronaldo. Doesn’t say anything remotely close to that.”

Another comment said, “Modern humans seem to surprise me, so you tick someone off and you guys expect Ronaldo to be the bigger person? What the hell, he asked a genuine question, why the hell is that kid there?”

What next for Ronaldo and Al Nassr?

Al Nassr had a tough game, with them going down 1-0 in the first half. Abdulrahman Ghareeb, Mohammed Al-Fatil, and Mohammed Maran all scored after 12 minutes of extra time was given, ensuring a 3-1 victory. However, the scoreboard did not reflect how hard the game was. Al Nassr retained their top spot in the league through the win.

Ronaldo previously left Europe following disagreements with Manchester United over game time and joined Saudi Pro League side Al Nassr, who made him the world’s highest-paid player.

Ronaldo scored eight goals and two assists in his first month since joining, which earned him the Player of the Month award for February. Al Nassr will next face Al Ittihad away on Thursday to fight for the league’s top spot. Both are currently separated by two points.


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