Really good video, just wish it was geared toward a simple 2 channel (or 2.1 with subwoofer?) setup for music. I can't get my Denon to output much bass at all. Very faintly detectable, but test mode makes it rumble more, so it must just be a setting problem. (AVR-3806)

    Also would like to use it with my TV (I have optical going out from the TV to the Denon AVR-3806), but no matter what I try to set up, subwoofer is weak sauce or non-existent. 🙁

  2. Ron Thompson

    I have a Denon AVR 5805 Receiver
    3 Energy 2.4 Veritas Towers up front, one is used as a center channel
    2 Energy Veritas V-S Bipole/ Dipole Surround Speakers
    And 2 Veritas 2.0 Center Channels being used in the rear
    Should I set the 2.4 Tower in the front center to large like the 2 left and right up front. What should I set the crossover frequencies to for all the speakers and subwoofers
    I have 2 Energy Microstar MS-12.1 1500 Watt Subwoofers
    I bought all these components new at the Good Guys Store back in 01’. Everything still works great except the on screen menu for the Denon AVR 5805 via component video out, just rolls and flips on the monitor so you really can’t use it
    Sometimes I could get it to stop rolling if I just look at the setup display on receiver and go to rename inputs, some reason it slows down and comes up on screen on the monitor sometimes, sometimes not so I just have to see the settings displayed on the receiver to try and set everything


    So 8 years going and you people STILL think that TOWER SPEAKERS with larger than 7" drivers dont get set to large – wrong 😉
    Frequencies that the speakers can handle go to them – the lower goes to the sub(s) – how hard is this?! Small = Bookshelf type speakers. Let me say this again for those in the back…TOWER SPEAKERS ARE NOT SMALL!!!! Denon recommends towers and other speakers of the kind be set to large. NUFF SAID!

  4. buster colin

    Hope someone can help me. I'm running 2 channel and just got a sub. I've set my sub on my Yamaha avr to lfe there's no lfe main, now on the back of the sub the dial for the lpf I've got it turned to the lfe position and not any crossover Hz. Is this wrong? What do I set my sub for when it comes to Hz, plus in the avr I've set my 2 towers to small and at 80hz also I've set them at 0db and my sub at 0db. Any help guys would be greatly appreciated 🙏

  5. KillerSneak

    You should not set your front speakers to 40 they should be at least 80 (80 should be seen as a minimum crossover frequency) otherwise your subwoofer is completely useless.

  6. MaRkY WaHoOoOo

    Get a good sub….set all those front crossovers to at least 80 so your fronts can crank with no stress on them! You are just pushing your av receiver too much

  7. Jose Fermalino

    When u started setting ur center as large then I stopped watching, no offense but ur wrong on this coz ur not maximizing the role of the subwoofer..

  8. Jay tech addict Homekit

    Can any experts help me, im running Kef T301 series with 2 kef subs, on subs is phase 0 or 180 setting and 0db, 6db or 12db setting?
    And in my pioneer reciever which crossover setting is best and do i set my speakers to small?

  9. Daniel Hernandez


  10. ronn mattson

    It was informational, I would prefer informative. If you have left/right towers you probably can go large on them, but everything else small. Your powered sub can take the rest. If you go all small , it is easier on your R/V receiver. Less chance of clipping.. Buy two good powered subs with a quality amp and let ithem handle the bass, your receiver won't have to work as hard and it will last longer. Nothing lasts forever any more unless you go separates. Very expensive for home theater, but cool as F if you got deep pockets.

  11. stpworld

    How do you switch between speaker s A and B im using it in 2 channel stereo only mode and I dont know how to switch between them. All hooked up to. I followed some of the things on your menu but I am stuck there.

  12. Jjln Guess

    If my satellites for height and surround and surround back have a Frequency Response of 100Hz-20KHz, should I still set them at 80Hz or set them right at 100Hz or set them at 110Hz? I have my fronts and center set 10Hz above their 70Hz frequency. So 80Hz for LCR. And I have 2 subwoofers with LFE set to max on both subs and receiver LFE crossover SET TO 120Hz. Thanks.

  13. CharmCity MoJOE

    If you are using proper bass management your subs shouldn’t be receiving anything higher than 80Hz. When it comes to satellite speakers your crossovers should be set at 80Hz as well because with the LFE function the receiver is performing the bass management, The surround speaker crossovers are the exact opposite. When setting your surrounds at 80Hz they will have play back frequencies above the 80Hz crossover settings. The whole point is to keep the bass channeled to the sub and the rest to the surrounds. For instance – If you set your sub at 80Hz and your surrounds at 140Hz, then your entire listening experience is missing all frequencies roughly between 90Hz to 130Hz. And if you’re using the LFE on the back of your sub the frequency adjustment means nothing because; again, your receiver is doing the work. If your subwoofer LFE is set to 80Hz; you can change the crossover settings on your surrounds all you want, you’re still only getting 80Hz and lower from your sub. Please understand what you’re doing before you mislead too many people. Actually – just take the video down.

  14. Mathews George

    Some parts are correct. But the presenter misspoke a word or two. And he is doing one thing on the screen while talking about an entirely different thing. Not good for a beginner to watch and listen.

  15. Shayne Duguay

    dont listen to this guy is wrong ..all speaker for surround formats …at all times are set too small .u want the subwoofer to take all the low end .LFE.. .audioholics has all the info you need ..correct info

  16. JDmsz

    This is completely wrong. You don't set your speakers large just because they're "large" the large setting is for speakers that could play full range down to 25 hz or lower which most speakers can't do.

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