Top Boy season 5 ending explained: who killed [SPOILER]?

Best boy Season 5 – or Season 3, as Netflix has called it – spoilers follow, including its ending.

Best boythe season five finale The cliffhanger just made Jamie’s death look like child’s play.

In one of the boldest moves since Dushane’s murder (more on that below), the series finale also pulled the trigger on Sully (Kane Robinson).

Just when it seemed like “Big Man” Sully might actually become THE ‘the best boy on the street, he was shot by a mysterious person in a black hoodie.

The culprit might seem obvious, but let’s face it, Sully made a lot of enemies in his quest for money and power through drugs, so it really could have been anyone.

One suspect we can cross off the list is Dushane (Ashley Walters).

Ashley Walters as Dushane, Top Boy season 4


Top Boy season 5 ending explained

With the police on his trail for the murder of Jeffrey (Shaun Dingwall), Dushane made desperate decisions to get the money he needed to escape the country safely. And by desperate, we mean he beat up Jaq (Jasmine Jobson) and stole the drugs she previously took from Sully.

Ultimately, this led Sully to track Dushane to the Summerhouse estate, where the (alleged) accidental death of a little girl at the hands of the police had turned the eviction protest into a riot.

The chaos allowed Dushane to bypass Sully, dodging between fires and commotion, but eventually Dushane was caught trying to scale a garage wall, drugs in hand.

While the drugs landed safely on the other side, the same cannot be said for Dushane, who was shot dead before he could find the “25 kilos of white, uncut.”

trailer for season 3 of Top Boy


Sully was immediately surprised by his own actions as Dushane lay on the other side of the shutters, bleeding to death.

Dushane’s screams underscored the gravity of what he had done, but despite their emotional exchanges, Sully could not bring himself to regret his actions.

As he said: “If we’re not monsters, we’re food and I can never be food.” »

The unshed tears in Sully’s eyes were deep, but that didn’t stop him from walking past Dushane’s lifeless body to retrieve the bag of drugs and bouncing back.

Dushane may be out of the lineup, but there are still others who could have been responsible for Sully’s elimination.

Without season six To hope, the series deliberately left us with this ambiguous ending to chew on, but if you’re desperate to know who the monster is who made Sully a meal, we have some thoughts!

Kane Robinson Top Boy season 3


Who killed Sully in the fifth season finale of Top Boy?

We came up with a list of six possible suspects, each with their own personal grievances against Sully that could have prompted any of them to shoot him.

araloyin oshinremi, top boy season 3

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Did Stef kill Sully?

Stef had every reason to not only want Sully dead, but also to be the one who fired the fatal shot.

Stef witnesses Sully’s cold shoulder on her older brother Jamie(Michael Ward) in the season four finale fueled much of Stef’s season five arc.

The impact of Jamie’s death transformed him from a typical brooding teenager to a rage-filled mourner. He turned his angst outward when he fell into Si’s clique and became unusually aggressive at times.

It seemed for a minute that Si (Dudley O’Shaughnessy) had set Stef up to kill Sully, especially after giving her a gun and teaching her how to shoot.

That thought was certainly on Stef’s head in the final chapter of this detective saga as he confronted Sully moments before Sully was actually shot.

Pointing a gun at his brother’s killer, he repeatedly asked, “What does that do?” »

micheal ward, araloyin oshunremi, hope ikpoku jnr, top boy season 4


Stef, however, seemed to reconsider when Sully finally admitted that all feeling had long left him and when he also allowed Stef to “do what he had to do”, meeting the boy with understanding and acceptance instead of being combative.

Finally, Stef decided that Sully wasn’t worth it and he told her as he walked away. In doing so, he reclaimed some of his power by turning away from the lifestyle that placed his brother in Sully’s crosshairs.

Or so we thought, because the figure that shot Sully in the head a few minutes later was oddly dressed in the same black hoodie and sweatpants as Stef.

It could be that Stef realized he couldn’t let go after all and turned around to finish what he started.

That’s the most likely, if not the most obvious, conclusion, but whoever shot Sully did so with remarkable confidence and precision.

We know that Stef had practiced shooting, but it’s questionable whether he would have become as skilled so soon.

jasmine jobson, adwoah aboah, best boy, season 3


Did Jaq kill Sully?

Jaq was another person with many motivations.

When Dushane stole the bag of drugs from her, Sully made it clear that she wouldn’t get a pass for her actions.

He also mercilessly dropped the bombshell that he murdered his friend Kieron (Joshua Blisset) who was an accomplice to the robbery, leaving Jaq feeling drained and guilty for dragging him into the situation.

His newly enlightened self also strove to live an honest life; the one that would spare his nephew the violence of the street and that would allow him to building a life with Becks (Adwoa Aboah).

None of this she could have done with Sully still alive, so it’s very possible that the skilled shooter was Jaq.

One last act of violence before becoming legitimate in order to protect her family, herself and out of a sense of justice for Kieron.

After all, she is a very good shooter.

Dudley Oshaugnessy, Top Boy season 3


Did he kill Sully?

The last time Si and Sully were seen together, Sully had a gun shoved deep in his throat in front of his entire crew.

The gurgles that followed as Si vomited the contents of his stomach and begged Sully to spare him for a grievance he had sworn he hadn’t committed was the height of emasculation on the streets.

To quote Stef, “He shit himself on something shaken.”

Both Si and Sully belong to rival gangs, meaning they have a history of bad blood. Plus, that kind of disrespect from Sully would definitely have had repercussions.

From Si’s point of view, it would be understandable if he felt that Sully’s actions could not have gone unchallenged.

The problem is that if you challenge Sully, you’d better take him down because his clapback would slap twice as hard.

Maybe Si came to exactly the same conclusion.

lani marriot lodge, nyshai caynes, jasmine jobson, ivan burdon, top boy season 3


Do Bradders and co. kill Sully?

Bradders (Ivan Burdon) is a less plausible suspect but not entirely outside the realm of possibility.

Bradders was caught up in the feud between Dushane and Sully during the season finale conflict.

On Sully’s orders, Bradders went hunting Dushane with Rowmando (Ansu Njai) and Samsi (Ilani Marriot-Lodge) and caught a slug in the gut, courtesy of Dushane.

Instead of seeking help, Sully left him to bleed out while he pursued the only thing he really cared about, drugs.

With Dushane now dead, Bradders could have held Sully responsible for his near-death experience and sought revenge.

If he survived the attack, of course.

However, this theory would have required Bradders to be quite mobile right after he was shot, so the most plausible explanation is that Rowmando and Samsi did what he couldn’t and finished Sully off for him.

Especially if Bradders had indeed died from his injuries, the two could have sought revenge.

savanah graham, top boy season 3


Did Erin kill Sully?

Erin (Savannah Graham) also falls into the “unlikely killer” category.

The studious teenager with dreams of Parisian adventure and a responsible attitude to safer sex isn’t exactly screaming murderer, but she had reason to want him dead.

Perhaps finding out that Sully killed Jamie sharpened the bitter, resentful emotions she felt toward Sully for the murder of her father, Dris (Shone Romulus).

If so, she might have felt compelled to act on behalf of her boyfriend Stef, but also for herself, as someone who secretly bears the brunt of her father’s death since he walked out the door that day and didn’t come back.

Yeah, we know, it’s the longest period but we wouldn’t count it. They are always the ones you least expect.

All episodes of best boy season 5 is available for streaming on Netflix.

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