this isn’t liverpool💔 #football #shorts

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this isn’t liverpool💔 #football #shorts

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  1. It’s cuz that fucker Darwin Nunez joined Liverpool that’s what’s causing Liverpool to go bad!!!😢😢

  2. Klopp made us from Doubters to Believers and that should not stop. I know this is not the season everyone expected and hoped for but these are the ups and downs in every club. It will take us no time to be on top again. Just wait till next season

  3. fan's from all around the world, we stick together because we're one family. thrust klopp ♥️♥️

  4. Liv fans have to be patient just like we Barca fans they will come back stronger

  5. Bro Liverpool what has happened I’m a Liverpool supported Salah Use to be good now he’s just A flop. Nunez can’t score a goal at all luis Diaz ever since Nunez join he can’t do anything nunez don’t know how to pass Just get rid of nunez( no hate ) he’s ruining it he’s so greedy all the time firmino has been on bench most of the time van dijk dijk is injured for the rest of the season we are just a flop get rid of Nunez ( no hate) other wise I think Juergen klopps going to get sacked

  6. there's always a rise and a fall…..look at Leicester, won the premier league in the 2016/17 and now not even in the top 10……I would be more delightful to see the underdogs rise to glory…….it brings me goosebumps when they did possibly the impossible.

  7. I feel sad when liverpool lose because my brother is a man united fan and he makes fun of me but I'm still a red. YNWA

  8. Liverpool:”you will never walk alone”
    The true fans:”even in your darkest time you will never walk alone.”

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