The Zlatan Ibrahimovic Incident

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The Zlatan Ibrahimovic Incident

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  1. i hate these people who think it's ok to completely ignore VAR and call offside/onside because "it was close"… and it's not just americans, it's whoever benefits from the occasion; look at spurs-sporting this season, kane's disallowed last-minute goal. tottenham fans angry because "VAR is ruining football". offside means offside. no matter how close.

  2. The presenter needs a rulebook. He does not have much understanding of how the game works.

  3. 2:40 Omg mls refs and the commentator are idiots. This should be a yellow to the player in white for time wasting and MAYBE for the player in red also. A red for the player in red should not even be considered.

  4. 5:02 that's not how it works. That's not how a freeze frame works. You take it from the pass. This is why no-one takes the MLS seriously.

  5. 6:29
    THE DISTANCE WAS MORE THAN ENOUGH TO IGNORE THE DAMAGE – … – gave THE forward more than enough time to bailout –
    and that was the worst half ars bail-out i have ever seen -_-

  6. This commentator/pundit needs to take the referee course and an extra one for VAR before choking on his own words. Who gives him a show anyways?

  7. Good videos, especially since the hosts are not as overly exuberant as the last one. Just one thing. On off side positions, you keep saying the attackers are past the last defender. They're not. They're past the second to last defender. The law states it as such. The keeper, usually, is the last defender.

  8. The TV host does not kown how football yellow or red card works… It is not like… "Hey u fouled him by sliding tackle so u diserve a red card"

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