The Uncertain Future of Kevin De Bruyne

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The Uncertain Future of Kevin De Bruyne

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  1. KDB + Messi would one of the best thing ever happened in Epl if messi really come to city.. messi feels lonely without xavi and iniesta

  2. What! Another Centre Back!
    SO what about quality players like Ake Stones Laporte but excluding Dias(presumably the player he will partner with)…. Those players are first teamers and its gonna be hard to rotate them fairly. And also personally i think that for a player, playing for Man City or Liverpool will never match the feeling of playing for Barca or Real Madrid

  3. Nobody asked for his whole career summary this video did not need to be more than 2 minutes

  4. im a man u fan and city would be stupid to replace de bruyne with messi,its the most ridiculous thing they can do.

  5. You gonna kick out the best Premier footballer for an Argentinian cry-baby.

    Bad business, Messi's got one , two top years left, as while KDB got 7,8.

  6. realistically i hate this, what more does he want? £350k a week and it’s not enough? fuck off, i won’t earn that in my lifetime

  7. He's said a million times hes happy at city. 😂 He's not going anywhere Messi or not. City will obviously up their offer. Also we aren't signing Ramos. We have Laporte and Ake warming our benches.

  8. Not true at all, because KDB himself said that he will stay at city and he’s very happy at city. He said himself that he doesn’t even need an agent to help him with a new contract

  9. Imagine if city get Ramos and messi. They will then have the best attacker. Best midfielder and best defender in the same club 😬

  10. Should be the first name on the City team sheet. Messi will not leave Barca. City still need to strengthen their midfield with someone like an Isco.

  11. Why are these football sites tryna cause problems with our team,I Just read an article saying that Agüero has no future at city and that we’re gonna switch him for haaland and now I’m seeing this video pretty much saying that Kdb has no future at city cause of Messi🤦🏽‍♂️

  12. He needs to go a bigger club like Real Madrid or Bayern Munich. Small clubs like man city are scrutinizing his future .

  13. Please don't make the mistake that Chelsea did. We suffer everytime we face MCFC

  14. Where is the cap for salaries. 350k a week. You are set for life before you reach 35.

  15. The part about money is utter bullshit. There are players that only care about money (Neymar, Sanchez, anyone who goes to china) but KDB is no such person. He really just wants to win everything he can

  16. City will regret letting De Bruyne go if it happens. No question he's one of City's best player by a mile.

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