The TRUTH about Ronaldo's Time at Juventus

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The TRUTH about Ronaldo's Time at Juventus

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  1. Oh wow somehow just found this video, and how this video has aged like milk. Some players leave for Qatar or US, but he is different indeed he left for Saudi Lol

  2. On an individual life, he succeeded because he used Juventus to statpad his Champions League stats, but then again he arrived at the club with a bold promise of bringing the UCL back to them only to get knocked out by minnows such as Lyon.

    Overall, he fucked up the chemistry of the Juventus title winning side so yeah, his time with them was a failure

  3. When Rabiot signed for Juventus, he was free because he repeatedly refused to sign a new contract with PSG despite multiple proposals within the past 2 years

    It had nothing to do with his level, and we really wanted to keep him

  4. There is no a problem that Juventus "cant stop to concede". Problem is that Ronaldo was making ZERO defence work last few years. And in modern football you cant play that way. Juventus and United getting Ronaldo was absolute mistake, cause for them it was better to rebuild their teams and not buying old player, that will let them in even worst situation, when they release him finally. Last years the only way team to play with Ronaldo was everything to move through him and thats not serious strategy for whole season, every match. He was good player in his prime, but in Juve and United he was jusy dead weight pulling them to the bottom.

  5. Yes yes yes . Love your videos . Gimme more . Messi , Leao , Mbappe … so many great stories

  6. My real answer: No. Ronaldo left Real Madrid which broke lots of hearts including mine but even though he downgraded Ronaldo did not fail at juve

  7. When I first saw Ronaldo in Manchester many years ago I have to admit I didn't like him. After watching him break incredible records over the years I started to realize how special he was and now I am in love with his football and all he has done for the sport.

  8. Sadly, Juventus is destined for the garbage heap…For the love of god, let me be wrong about this comment.

  9. Parabéns pelo canal, os comentários feitos e as avaliações estão top. Um dos melhores, senão mesmo o melhor canal de avaliação de futebol que já vi. Parabéns, este canal merece ser partilhado em massa haha.

  10. Those Pundits who said Ronaldo's time at Juventus was a failure they certainly didn't knew the facts See One player can't win it all by himself Ronaldo provided the goals the moments he was scoring goal after goal he played his part but there were big flows in Juventus mid field and defence so of they put up a good defense and midfield things could've turned out better

  11. Ronaldo wage made Juve collapse, yes he scored goals but Juve couldn't build the team like before since the arrival of Ronaldo because of his wage, the pandemic didn't help neither.

  12. I'm a fan of Cristiano and Juve but he failed because champions league was the goal the purpose the reason n that was not achieved.

  13. for me ronaldo at juve was better than the last years in madrid , he had a more important role that scoring , he was creating and dribbling a lot more , especially for his age . look the match against fiorentinta , juve lost 0-3 and he was the only one trying , solo trying , to do something . he completed like 11 dribbles , he created opportunities and overall he was doing that more than madrid . he was like a man utd version but more mature and clicical

  14. Yes, he failed. the contract was to win the Champions League for Juventus.
    He is now getting his lawyers to make Juventus pay him money they were not supposed to be allowed to give him, so Juventus should just get him for breach of contract.

  15. He did fail at Juventus because he started to let his ego get the better of him and did the same at Man U.
    Now he sold out for money in Saudi Arabia

  16. The disrespect CR7 gets is insane. Being blamed for things he has no control over etc

  17. Ronaldo did his thing 👏 if you don’t agree put on a jersey and show me different

  18. It's funny to hear Del Piero as the biggest legend of Juventus. Del Piero is actually so overrated. It recalls the painful memory back when Series A is the best league in the world, but it's been a huge struggle as a fan to expect Juventus or Italy national team to win any title. The forward players are so bad. None of them can help the team win any international title.

  19. It's a complicated answer. There's no doubt that on an individual level, Ronaldo was a success at Juve. He scored a tonne of goals and was their most important player. However, Juventus should NEVER have signed him. Why you ask? Because a luxury player like Ronaldo was simply too expensive for a B tier club like Juve with their B tier finances.

    From a football strategy perspective, spending €250m (transfer + wages) on a single player when the rest of your squad is starting to creek and crumble was NOT a prudent investment. Especially when they had just spent €90m on Higuain only 2 seasons prior.

    Juventus needed to spend their modest finances on rebuilding the squad spine. They had growing problems in every single area; immobile defense, lack of energy and creativity in midfield, lack of movement and dynamism up front. IMO, they shouldn't have signed Ronaldo, they should have embarked on a medium term rebuild. Unfortunately for Juve, the board was more interested in pushing a corporate agenda instead of focusing on the football.

  20. He scored 101 goals for Juventus. That alone tells you that his time at Juventus wasn’t a failure.

  21. Juventus made him soft and turned him from the monster he was to soft and then man UTD just ruined him just like they do to any other player

  22. 6:16 I fact checked that because it sounded impossible haha. and it technically isnt true. They were knocked out of the CL in the 2019-2020 season by RB Leipzig, and the only reason i say technically is because that was a weird season because covid and the quarter-final was decided on one game, but they were knocked out. Another contributing factor that is surprising is how much atl madrid did not make it out of the group stage

  23. The first sentence is cringe af. I was like "Amk çocuğu dünyanın en iyisinden bahsediyosun"

  24. Ronaldo did more than ènough for Juventus. His versatility is unmatched, succeeding in the 2 toughest defensive competitions in the English & Italian leagues plus mega success in the mega bucks Spanish league. To call Ronaldo a failure is pure ignorance. Ronaldo also does a lot of defensive work for his clubs, which often goes unnoticed.

  25. Yep failed he came to with the CL not to win domestic league and was on the tram lost the league after 9 years

  26. He scored 101 goals in 134 games, he did not fail as a player but juve did fail him.

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