The stats behind Graham Potter's Chelsea

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The stats behind Graham Potter's Chelsea

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  1. Let’s give him 1-2 seasons to prove himself. Champions aren’t made overnight

  2. Also brighton has played 1 game less as of today. So che 31 points with 23 games and bri 35 with 22 games played.

  3. 🤣Spurs fan doing a piece on Chelsea. Then comparing us to Brighton cause Potter a X manager and we still only 4 points behind Brighton 😆 Nice try

  4. 11 of Brightons goals were scored while Potter was their Manager though (in 6 games), so you cannot say that its all De Zerbi, i think de Zerbi is reaping some of the rewards from Potter's legacy at Brighton. although its not good to see Chelsea floundering, with time things will improve.. this season is a write off – we just need to win some games to restore a bit of pride

  5. Todd Boehly will assign Roberto De Zerbi as next manager after sacking G Potter

  6. Bloody nonsensical. Some had one game,few minutes. Others few minutes ,couple of games. SHUT-UP!!!!
    CHELSEA will come GOOD !!!!!💙

  7. People acting like chelsea broght down by potter when chelsea fkd potter over he should of stayed where he was

  8. If Chelsea don't get European football, sack the manager, bring a new one in and they'll win the league next season a la Conte 16/17

  9. I strongly believe Potter will succeed at Chelsea, the players just need to do him a lil favor to convert their chances.

  10. Imagine where we would be if we gave say Tuchel the same time and money as Potter. Fact is we are the worst we have EVER been even LAMPARD who has less football education than Potter and he got more wins and stuff. Come on people

  11. Graham Potter is your very own Mike Bassett his interview after a Defeat to Managerless Southampton he should been sacked he doesn't have a clue or any tactics clueless manager

  12. Poor guy, he doesn't have enough players. Need to spend another 600mil before we can properly assess Potter

  13. When did Chelsea start sticking with loser managers, my team was 3rd now am 10th I can’t even bet on my team to win against Southampton.😂

    Please get a real manager..!!!

  14. He is wayyy below par!! 100% they are already looking for a true manager!! Poche turned them down now! At first try! They will come back to him!!

  15. Please I want Todboely to seat down and try to watch back all Chelsea game since he hired Potter, I bet you that he would definitely find out that his hearty manager has nothing upstairs to handle the club. No technical formation, no mafia in the team, no winning abilities. Every good coach has all these.

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