The REAL Kevin De Bruyne Story (Documentary)

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The REAL Kevin De Bruyne Story (Documentary)

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  1. Honestly, i stopped at half of the video. The amount of advertising is just ridiculous and makes the video unwatchable. I mean, 2 or 3 times at 16 minutes are okay, but you guys just overdo it.

  2. My comment is now he talks, he talks out of the field and in the field. He grew up probably in traumatic upbringing, and living in foster home , in teenage years while trying to chase the dream of becoming pro is tough. Now he talks on and out of the field. If he cheated with someone else, he never clarified that , that changes the whole situation with his ex girlfriend and even his reputation, as his reputation has been of a real straight shooting baller hard working guy. Mourinho is dumb , to not see the talent in his footballing skills, but mourinho is like that he plays like Simeone in some regards he doest give space and place for wizards of the game, playmakers, cracks , people with art and creativity in their game etc. And those have been some of the mistakes of mourinho's career. Because he's liek a castenacio like he rather win cheaply , but ofcourse Mourinho has played some good football maybe in Real Madrid, yet De Bruyne is a fucking artist and not giving him space and place to shine in his team while also being one of the most effective midfielders in the world is a loss. Im particularly curious in De bruyne's character did he cheat or not, im curious about that. If he plays that shy guy card obviously now he talks a lot more , maybe he just doesnt love the limelight like some of these younger players who love the mediatic limelight. That being said. Pep has to win a champions league with him. De Bruyne is the face of the Man City project no matter how many younger players that cost more de bruyne is the real wizard and conductor and playmaking artist of that team and effective with those through balls , pasases and goals, so Pep better win something because De bruyne is the face of that team, the string puller if you would as a playmaker, but also. They have a billion dollar squad and have gotten pep everything he wants. I know De Bruyne was upset when they lost that champions league final, because someone came in a coach tuchel and just in 6 months won the big trophy i actually dont like chelsea or city to be fair, but that beautiful game Pep plays , for his own sake has to traduce to winning something no? I like de bruyne's way of playing dont know what his character is out of the field if he really did cheat or not. But football is about playing well beautifully, creativiely, having fun , beating players and winning too…. If he cheated or not for me that would be the ldetail that doesnt fully let me understand or connect the dots for his persona.

  3. Talk on the field maestro, talk out of the field, express yourself unapologetically kevin, set good boundaries like you did in that video if they dont let you talk!…… What some kids have to endure to chase their dreams in insane! The kid was eating football for break fast lunch and dinner , , living in a foster home, away from parents, making all these sacrifices while on the toughest years of life for many which is being a teenager and all those changes happening, now he talks alright , and hopefully he got therapy man shiet surviving those things for the beautiful dream im glad he did cause he can ball and play it like its meant to!

  4. You forgot his performance at city where he managed 13 goals and 20 assists in one season

  5. Nxt time make a documentary about reyad Mahrez the mancity winger pls

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