The Quality of Harry Maguire

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The Quality of Harry Maguire

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  1. Looking at these clips you can see why United concede so much. Their defence is all over the place! Maguire is trying challenge someone and the other defenders are just running around haphazardly, there's no structure at all. Terrible coaching.

  2. From his game he only miss one thing
    Speed if he can get that he can surely be one of the best defenders in the world

  3. Never ever believe YouTube skill videos and this video is the best example of it. People who have seen him play since he joined United know how terrible he has been yes he had a good run in between even in Euros but that's about it. No way he deserves that armband and that humongous price tag. Guy has nothing to offer he is clumsy, slow, 0 positional sense, gets beaten by the easiest of feints and I have literally seen him most of the time this season making errors which resulted in conceding. Guy has 0 characteristics for being captain he literally gives up and shows 0 fire! There are other flaws in United but he is indeed one of the bigger flaws. And dude few mistakes?? he has been making tones of mistakes, every match he has made some kind of blunder like go and watch any full match of United this season you will find at least 1-2 errors committed by him. Dude please don't be blind and admit it he has been terrible. Even in Leicester he wasn't anything world class he was good yes but nothing extra ordinary, It baffles me how you are defending this guy who is mediocre at best. This trolling culture is indeed toxic but Maguire deserves the criticism because fans have literally ran out of patience watching their captain play in such way!


  5. Well, this truly goes to show the power of YouTube can make ANYONE look like a half decent footballer

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