The Nun 2 confirms long-held Conjuring fan theory

The nun 2 spoilers follow.

Since Taissa Farmiga was chosen for the nunthere has been a fan theory going on among Conspiracy fans that it will eventually be revealed that sister Irene and Lorraine Warren (Vera Farmiga) are connected in some way.

This is based solely on the fact that the two actors are sisters in real life and, therefore, look alike. It was a similarity that almost made the nun director Corin Hardy does not choose Taissa because he knew people would notice the similarity.

Given that the nun takes place in 1952almost 20 years ago Conspiracy, the main fan theory was that Irene and Lorraine are the same person. It’s a theory that has always had some flaws, but we had nothing to confirm anyway.

In the blink of an eye and you’ll miss it, this moment The Nun II However, it is confirmed that while they may not be the same person, the fan theory is not too far from reality.

A word of warning, there is spoilers coming soon if you haven’t seen it The Nun II Again.

Taissa Farmiga in The Nun 2

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During The nun 2it’s a wild endingSister Irene is set on fire by Valak (Bonnie Aarons) which has now been powered by the eyes of Saint Lucia, a sacred relic that grants its user angelic powers.

Before she’s totally crusted, Irene thinks of her late mother and this triggers a quick montage that proves that Irene is herself a descendant of Saint Lucia. This allows him to fight against Valak, performing yet another miracle.

It would be easy to miss it if you weren’t paying attention, but during this montage, there’s a quick glimpse of Lorraine Warren’s eyes.

It’s so fast-paced that you’d be forgiven for wondering if you saw what you think you saw, but director Michael Chaves cryptically confirmed it when The Hollywood Reporter when asked about “a pair of eyes blinking on the screen”.

“I’m so glad you were going to ask that question. I was like, ‘Has anyone noticed that?’ I’m so glad you got that,” Chaves replied. “If you see what it is, the answer is there.”

the nun, the conjuring

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A bit like with The nun 2 credit scenethis montage links the nun films even closer to the main subject Conjuring trilogy.

What this confirms is that Irene and Lorraine are related in some way, but it leaves things open as to exactly how they are connected. It could be that Irene has a vision for her future, but then a future film would have to be seriously reconnected.

For a, The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It Lorraine had talked about meeting Ed when she was younger, and it would also need to be explained why Lorraine had never mentioned fighting Valak before in The Conjuring 2.

There is also the fact that Conspiracy movies are supposed to be based on real life, and the real Lorraine wasn’t a nun who dropped out to become a demonologist. The series has always played a a little loose with the true storybut that might be a step too far.

Lorraine Warren, pictured in 2016 at the Conjuring 2 premiere

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The simplest option would be that Irene and Lorraine are simply related in some way and are both descendants of Saint Lucia. This would explain their similar clairvoyant gifts and perhaps set up a future team.

Again, the real Lorraine didn’t have a sister, but they could just be using creative license or making Irene a more distant relative of Lorraine.

Whatever they choose to do in the future, at least The nun 2 has finally confirmed that, one way or another, Irene and Lorraine are related – and if they ever team up, the demons better watch out.

The Nun II is now out in theaters.

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