The neighbors just came home with a huge twist – but does it do any good? Chat with spoilers | Neighbors

WWhen Neighbors ended in July, Hollywood guest appearances, dramatic storylines and emotional goodbyes well rounded what was then Australia’s longest-running drama. It was a fairy tale ending, something other TV can only dream of.

But as soon as he was gone, Neighbors was back, saved by Amazon to be broadcast on Freevee. Today, the revamped show is back and we have questions. Namely: How do we feel about who is back and who is not back? Should Amazon have stayed quiet enough? And why is Mischa Barton here?

Yes, it’s a bit embarrassing

In the past, Neighbors’ two-year time jump would have been explained by a dramatic twist, like Lou’s secret involvement in a drug cartel. Not in the streaming age. Most of the central players are back, along with favorite regulars and a host of new faces. Like a soap opera, certain younger characters are victims of rapid aging soap opera syndrome, apparently spending the missing two years drinking bad whiskey and working in the mines. But even though the passage of time is acknowledged, it’s never fully explored, giving the first episode a surreal quality. Who are you most excited to see? Are you worried about the time that has passed?

Ramsay Street still loves weddings

The first episode begins in a place familiar to even the most casual Neighbors fans: a wedding. But although Terese is the blushing bride, as expected, the man standing next to her is truly shocking, even by Erinsborough standards. Rebecchi toadfish? How I live and breathe! If that doesn’t blow your mind like an unusual Lassiter tornado, nothing will. How do we feel about this? Will it last?

The neighbors just came home with a huge twist – but does it do any good? Chat with spoilers | Neighbors 1
“Will this last?” : Terese and Toadfish at their wedding, the major twist of the first episode of the Neighbors reboot. Photography: Ray Messner

Oops, Guy Pearce bought a house on Ramsay Street and now he has to live there

In real life, the super cool Pearce (who plays Mike Young) lives in Amsterdam with his Game of Thrones co-star Carice van Houten. But in Erinsborough, Mike is happy living with Plain Jane, his long-time sweetheart. Unsurprisingly, he mostly appears in the reboot via Facetime, begging the question: could it be over between them – again?

Mischa Barton is probably breaking some labor laws

Anyone who was alive in the 2000s remembers Marissa Cooper’s dramatic death in a car accident on the quintessential teen drama The OC. What they may not have realized is that Mischa Barton, who plays this character, was born in London, which means she has a moral obligation to memorize the Neighbors theme song, d have a crush on Jesse Spencer and say yes to any opportunity to do so. be on the show. In the reboot, she arrives in Erinsborough as Reece Sinclair, co-owner of Lassiter’s hotel, and immediately sticks her tongue down an employee’s throat. Does this cross a professional line, or are the rules different when it comes to true love?

Jelly Belly is back – but with a devastating secret

Ian Smith will forever be associated with his iconic character, Harold Bishop, but after leaving the series in 2015, this reboot brings him back to the streets. Unfortunately, he gets along really well and Karl Kennedy has reason to believe that something is wrong with his old friend. Luckily, Karl specializes in literally every aspect of medicine, so he’ll be able to accurately diagnose Harold based on vibrations. Given his age – and his penchant for chatter – what do you think it could be? Will a heartbreaking diagnosis send him to the big cruise ship in the sky?

Neighbors, a new chapter on Amazon Freevee.
Neighbors: a new chapter on Amazon Freevee. Photography: Ray Messner/Amazon Freevee

It’s Ramsay Street, so Karl and Susan are fighting

Even though the last two years seem to have been happy ones for most of our neighbors, things won’t stay this way for long. Susan and Karl are on rocky ground, still reeling from his questionable financial dealings and additional problems caused by his daughter Holly (Nat Bass’s love interest). Jackie Woodburne alluded to a “major change” for her character who, since we last saw her, has retired from her job as a school principal. Who do you think will succeed? Will Toadie lose yet another woman? And will we be treated to a re-enactment of Susan Kennedy’s famous slap?

  • Neighbors is on Amazon Freevee in the UK and US, and on Prime Video in Canada. In Australia, Network 10 broadcasts it at 4:30 p.m. on Mondays, with a repeat at 6:30 p.m. on 10Peach; each episode will be released on Prime Video seven days later in Australia and New Zealand

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