The Messi Era – Official Movie

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The Messi Era – Official Movie

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  1. Make this the most watched football video. Everybody should see and relive Messi‘s greatness. Please like and share the video!

    Tag me on Instagram♥️

  2. When his teamamte was injured he stopped when he had a clear path to score the goal at 14:28 . Not only is this man a genius at football, but hes also an amzing team player

  3. Laporta y Tebas aun deben explicar este hecho , como el primero obra desde que asume hace todo para romper su promesa electoral y el otro hace lo imposible para que La Liga pierda el mejor jugador del Planeta , hoy a la Sazon: Campeón de Mundo y Para la inmersa mayoría de Historia , tenia que retirarse aqui

  4. What a blessing it was for him to leave his comfort zone, since then except ucl 2021 he has won everything. League 1, Copa, Finalisima, Worldcup literally everything.

  5. Barcelona's stupid management let the king go, they are a bunch of idiots, they have no idea how stupid this decision is. History will slap them in the face.

  6. Psychos! All Messi supporters are Psychos! He is Not Better than Romario, Ronaldo Brasilian, Ronaldino!

  7. If barca was managed right messi would have won at least one or two more champions league and ballon dors. He carried very average squads to still winning la liga and copa del ray against much better madrid squads.

  8. Christina Ronaldo is a great footballer.. but Lionel Messi is the greatest player to have ever played the game of football.

  9. Came back here to say he can´t be compared to anyone. People hate him just for passion, who loves footbal knows he´s unique…The GOAT !!!

  10. like: "MESSI MESSI MESSI"!
    salt bae: hey what about me!😁😁😁

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