The Erling Haaland Story

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The Erling Haaland Story

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  1. We are in for a special career of football like Ronaldo, Ronaldinho, Pirlo, Zidane, Cristiano, Messi and Lewandowski! This kid is truly a freak of nature. What sheer skill! 🔥🔥🔥

  2. Haaland es una máquina…bien le dicen Cibort…ufff…está recién comenzando, extraordinario jugador quizás cual será el club que se quede con sus servicios…al parecer seria el Manchester City…son muchos los dolares o euros que esta tazado…

  3. This dude makes me proud of being Norwegian.

    I swear, the Bundesliga easily gets tens of thousands of more views, simply because of Erling.

    Straight up VIKING. No wonder they call him "The Terminator". He was born to score goals ON the pitch – and being a troll off it.

    Gratulerer, Norge! Vi har faktisk en spiller i VERDENSKLASSE – og han har såvidt startet karrieren sin..

  4. Perfect after Lewandowski contingency plan….thanks FC Bayern 2 i mean…i mean of course BvB.

  5. He's leaving your farmer's league and coming to the Premier League in the summer, specifically to the Pride of Manchester, Manchester City! 💙

  6. He is just another big thing same like Mbappe, he will fulfill Ronaldo and Messi era with Mbappe as his rival, but Mbappe got plus point than Haaland, because this kid has won FIFA World Cup with his country, otherwise Haaland will have a difficult time to make his country win any major tournament, but I think very exciting to watch this two kid carreer in the future

  7. Haaland: my key is to WoRk HArD, to get FReE MoTiVaTioN and just say wHy nOt.

    Beside the jokes Haaland is the best young player in the whole world.

  8. I think his biggest strength is hisWill and desire.haaland is the bravest striker in the world by far.

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