The End of HARRY MAGUIRE at Manchester United

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The End of HARRY MAGUIRE at Manchester United

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  1. Only useful when the defense is packed around him and he can just head the ball. Ten Hag will never play that way. Maguire can't play a high line. Gets exposed for pace over and over

  2. “His confidence is gone” no he's just not good enough to be in a top club I feel bad for him with the abuse he's got but he's made a mint from being shite so off to the championship

  3. The reason Maguire retains the captaincy is to take another couple of seconds off the clock when he is being handed the armband in the 92nd minute. ETH is a strategic genius! 😂

  4. Who is going to pay 20,30 or even 40 million? Best chance to get any value out of him is in a swap plus cash deal

  5. After leicester's CB performance. I bet they are trying to find 30 mill somewhere.

  6. He didnt have a great world cup wish people would stop saying that 😂 he was at fault for a couple of goals france’s winner being one of them. At the highest level hes simply not good enough

  7. Good riddance to mguire…

    What has he done since he has come to Man U , head but Ronaldo in the face, kicked pogba in his face, fouled his own team numerous times.. the list is endless with this guy….
    I knew when we brought him for £80 million, we been robbed by lester as was only worth £10-15 million…and still is if we are lucky!
    He is to slow for our team and has zero awareness of danger around him… he is poor in every aspect of defending… many have stated he should play in the championship and yes I agree because the PL is too fast for him, as he cannot cope THATS why Leicester sold him! When I see him play I’m just waiting for a disaster to occur and 90% of the chance he does not let me down…

    Some say he plays well for England, watch the euro game final against Italy as he defended poorly for the Italian goals… he was in no mans land when goals occurred… mguire does not have the mental ability as the great defenders maldini/nesta/puyol etc so therefore will never be a great defender ever! He is a liability for any PL team..

  8. If ManU has a promising back its better to let Harry go, let the youngster make some minutes. Then you invest in the future as well. Maguire is not the future of ManU. Shaw played good as CB as well. Can rotate plenty in the back on CB and LB then

  9. Man Utd have had problems with CB since the 80s. Maguire, Jones, May. Etc. it’s a long list

  10. Even hoping for £50 million for McGuire is delusional. He's solid enough. £30 million max.

  11. Maguire reminds me of the rich kid whose Dad paid to get him in the team ffs

  12. Today I’ll just put it in a very few words. Maguire has never seen the mirror and there’s that.

  13. Maguire is amazing idk what you lot are on about 🤣 better than vvd 🤣💀

  14. Thank god him and that slab are going. Id say hes more protected by the media than prince andrew. Its very close!

  15. Fifty million for maguire .are u crasy ..20 million top if they are very lucky who would buy him .

  16. The club should have looked to move in for on I'm sure someone would get for around 15mil… And there would be the the loan fee/wages for Felix.

  17. Luke Shaw, a left-back with no experience as a center-back, made Maguire look like an amateur. Maguire was done in twice in fifteen minutes by the least effective offensive team in the league. He is a huge liability, and I think he is 100% done in this club.

  18. At least we could sell him with a fair price after that WC performance, he just doesn’t suit our system

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