Strange Things About Chelsea Clinton's Marriage

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Strange Things About Chelsea Clinton's Marriage

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  1. Chelsey and husband is one of the nicest kindest person in the world hope she becomes president I'll vote for her so is so nice

  2. So when do their sons run for public office? Great uncle George wouldn't have it any other way…

  3. Say mark mezvenski layoff uour kom or aunt and leave my wife alone and come kick it again looking like Dominic bye.

  4. Do you know the sordid history of Mark's parents? I certainly do. I lived in Phila. suburbs when it all happened. Everyone knew the dirty details.

  5. My God these are the ugliest creatures inside and out. Imagine being Chelsea having the 2 most evil parents you can have and being that ugly. I pity her tho God knows what evil it's capable of.

  6. Clinton advisor Mark Meadows found hanging from electrical cord and his friend Ashley Haynes found drowned with electrical cord tied to cinder block

  7. I can't believe comments are allowed on this video. Surely they knew what they were asking for.

  8. Chelsea is far from beautiful or charming. She needs a new lay out. So smart.

  9. Why does mark need to work for?? The Clintons probably worth billion dollars, take advantage and kick back and take it easy.

  10. Chelsea looks just like her biological father Webb Hubbell. The Clintons are one corrupt freak show.

  11. One of the most hated couples in America. Maybe you could do a story about how Chelsea’s real dad Webb hubbell when that relationship got hilda beast pregnant yada yada.

  12. $5000,000 for a wedding , Hillary's bastard daughter with Webb Hubble shows she just as sorry as her mother

  13. What a disgusting human being …..she has the worst of both worlds ….she looks like her father and acts like her mother !!!!

  14. Interesting. Mark’s father is named Edward. He’s a total criminal. Associated with the Clintons. Thrown in jail for fraud and all sorts of yummy things. Refused a pardon by guess who??? The Clintons!! Haha! What a joke.

  15. She's involved in the Clinton foundation. That's all you need to know. Apple's not falling too far from the tree because she's cool with the corruption. Ukraine gave the most money to the Clinton foundation. Why is that? Ukraine is money laundering mecca for the deep state. Romney kerry pelosi biden's children all are involved in Ukraine especially with the oil. Do the research. Please don't believe a word I say.

  16. Strange things? I know! I know! Pick me! Its all for show like Bill and Hillary's! Everything's fake about these cons.


  18. Right a 5 mil wedding, paid for by peoples' donations to the Clinton Foundation..

  19. I met Chelsea at my sister's funeral, Chelsea was a comfort to her during her last days in the hospital. 2007, Chelsea was a bright, articulate attractive classy young woman. I liked her. Thx for being a comfort to JoAnna.

  20. i heard this about ancient Rome. the first emperors were respected, of course, but occasionally approachable to common people. the more rome deteriorated, the more godlike the emperors were treated. that's what happened/is happening in America. presidents in the 1800s were way more approachable. now they're treated like gods.

  21. I’m old enough to remember how the media ripped on her for 8 years. Calling her ugly and pretty much a creepy offspring. I see they were correct. FACT.

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