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  1. Dembele says he wants to stay at Barca, then Chelsea SHOULD NOT REPEAT THE LUKAKU FIASCO.

  2. Sasa Kaladzic 여기 맨유로 이동합니다

    Robert Lewandowski에서 Chelsea로 이동합니다.

    Romelu Lukaku + Christian Pulisic  here we go to Inter 여기로 이동합니다

    안드레아 바스토니 토트넘으로 갑니다

    Tyrell Malacia 여기에서 Atletico Madrid로 이동합니다.

  3. Yeah, the connections with Raheem and Richarlison are a bit underwhelming. But we are giving TT a free hand right…?

  4. Personally I’m not in favor of signing Sterling. Yeah it might be cheaper than others but would we not get the same results from him as we would from the wingers we have now if they PLAY in their strongest position? Pulisic has played at wing on both sides, wingback, double 10 and as a false 9. Hudson odoi mostly wingback. Like personally I feel like the formation needs to be clarified before signings imo. Because for example why sign 2 defenders when we have Levi Colwill/Chalobah/Thiago Silva? If we playing a back 3 then yes 2 CBS is understandable. Also with attacker why are we signing wingers when we play almost a 3421 which makes are “wingers” more central as inside forwards. Traditional wingers have to hug the line which is why Ziyech played better when we went to a 4141 than when we play a 3421. Same for Pulisic. It baffles me tbh that these things are clarified. I personally believe a 3421 could stay as a formation but me Niinii and many more cry out for a 433 because it unlocks the attack. You can’t forget that Mason Mount has one of those 2 winger spots in a 3421 because he brings the balance. If we go to a 433 then Mount drops to that double 8 role with Kovacic/Gallagher/Kante/Ruben and then we’d need to sign a CDM. Can’t forget we have Ampadu. Then we can really focus on wingers and Pulisic/Ziyech/CHO can shine. Havertz a false 9. City start in a 433 F9 and in game they pretty much become a 3421 or sometimes even a 253.. 433 is def the way to go.

  5. Sterling is not the xfactor he’s a good player in a great team. He’s just a glorified Werner. He’s finishing is not great either. Still he’s worth the gamble at that price but at this point we might as well add Jesus to the mix and overload the squad with pacey players.

  6. The difference is Pulisic and warner get the best service and shots yet they never are on goal. Can’t blame the system when they fail it every single time even though they get better service than the rest of the squad

  7. If Sterling and dembele stay fit with the right system from the manager we will be a force

  8. every time you put that photo of dembele on the screen i think it's eddy murphy with that silly moustache that he's grown 😀 i hear that eddy murphy laugh every time 😀

  9. Hey NiNi,
    Maybe you see this video just like other videos you have been making..

    But for me this is the most complete video I have seen.. straight to the point ! Clear opinion and analysis! Informative and above all interested .. I share every comment you made on all the three potential signings

  10. from Nkunku to Sterling
    from Kounde to Ake
    We not looking at backups for RJ and BC

    I am really worried about Chelsea now, Looking at Spurs, and Arsenal we will be out of the top 4.
    Another thing I don't understand how is the Lukaku situation stopping us from signing players.

  11. I’m not very excited at this as well but we need to be honest, Sterling is a very good player, Man city has lots of quality and he still comes up with those numbers that’s one thing to be proud of.. I get Pedro vibes, he wasn’t the best player and he wasn’t always on every Chelsea Fan’s list of greats but he was immense for us, scored ridiculous goals and did great things for us, so I think we should give sterling a chance

  12. We can add all attackers we want but we need a pivot like Fabrigas
    This is where Rice comes in
    Everything else is useless.
    There are fundamentals of football, that's what we're lacking bro

  13. If at the beginning of last season we was playing 4-3-3 front 3 of Sterling Lukaku and dembele I garuntee it would be a different story for Lukaku Banging in goals for fun with attacking wingers who can beat there man not play backwards like our current ones do , we need to change this

  14. All this rumor of attacking players. Chelsea need replacements for Rudi, Christensen, Azpi and Alonso, as well as a DCM. Chelsea have lethal attackers, it’s TT’s 3-4-3 system that stifles the goals.

  15. Last thing we want is a Pep reject, Lakaku is/was bad enough. Dembele is injury prone. Please sign a decent striker, not the above

  16. Sterling is a wrong signing, to me he is the same as the Frontline we already have and can miss a seater like others and a lot selfish. Sterling is not what we need.

  17. Ake is a hell no for me man, we hell don't need him. I would rather we stick with Sarr than spending money on Ake.
    Sterling is surely an upgrade to what so ever we have currently in our attack. I hope we get him and Dembele too.

  18. We have to get this straight. Man City did not want to lose Sterling. They want or wanted him to sign a new contract and Pep gave the go ahead for Man City to sign a new contract with Sterling. It is Sterling that wants to go so it should be no surprise Man City will not sell him if they can avoid it. Sterling on the other hand has nothing to lose whether he stays or goes. He has been competing for places at Man City for 6 years or so and has always been one of Man City's most important players without question with incredible consistency. He can leave now or leave next season which will make him even more money, but he has chosen to leave now because he feels the time is right despite Man City and Pep wanting to extend his contract. Talking about how he needs more games or will lose his world cup place when he is England's best, most consistent, most successful and most experienced player is beyond belief and makes no sense. Talk about his age when Graelish is only one year younger and never received the same worries for a 100 million transfer also makes no sense. There is nothing that makes sense about criticism Sterling gets, but it all started from a corporate media that had a problem with Sterling when he left Liverpool for the highest fee of an English player at the time when he was young and had proved himself already as part of one of the most feared attacking partnerships in European football alongside Suarez and Sturridge. Graelish who was older and had proved nothing even close was not questioned when the highest fee for an English player of his time was paid for him. This is all blatant racism. If you have a player that scored 3 goals and made 3 assists costing a fee of 100 million and a player 1 year older scoring about 17 goals and making 8 assists playing less games, would you not rather keep him than sell him for 35 million. The whole conversation around Sterling is just insulting to the player and a joke on Man City. The only reason his goal numbers are not threatening to reach Messi's goal numbers in the last 2 seasons is because the number of games he plays are less as part of a rotation system Pep has chosen to use in the last 2 seasons, but Pep wanted him to stay with his record breaking team so Man City can benefit. How can a supporter of Chelsea think he will not improve or benefit Chelsea. The most stupid argument I have heard is that he misses chances or misses important chances. Really! The most successful English player playing for the most success premier league football team as one of their most important players for 6 years has been costing his team championships by missing important goals yet they are breaking records? How does that work? I'll tell you how that works. Racism. The player that had the whole of England on the side of their seats almost every time he touched the ball throughout the Euros holding their hopes in his hands is a player that always misses important goals? How does that work? Racism. A player who almost singlehandedly dragged an England team to the final of the European cup by scoring goals game after game and who was the second highest goal scorer for Man City last season beaten only by Debruyne who played far more games, is considered to be a player who misses important chances? How does that work? I'll tell you. Racism. Maybe not always intended racism, but certainly brainwashing from a racist media if not intended. I have no doubt that if Chelsea buy Sterling to add to their team and Lukaku leaves, Chelsea will be beating Liverpool and Man City in head to heads next season rather than the draws they have been getting against these teams. When there is a dead lock and a special moment is needed in a fraction of a moment to turn a game, Sterling is your biggest chance. Ask England how they got to the final of the Euros and Man City how they broke down the Villa defence in the last game of the season. Man City are right to ask for 50 million, but owe it to him after what he has done for them to get him his wish to leave and so take less to make his dream happen. Sterling is a giant in one of the world, if not the world's best league, and playing more to his preferred direct style of play with Chelsea and with another very good manager, he is going to get better. Let's hope it happens. Man City or going to miss him and lose their dominance of the league without him, but he has done all he can for them and wants to go and try new things and challenges and push himself even further in the way he wants to play and plays best. Peace and love

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