Soccer Legends Explains Why Lionel Messi Is True GOAT

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Soccer Legends Explains Why Lionel Messi Is True GOAT

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  1. There's no debate since Messi stepped on the field as a professional, ask Ronaldinho (another monster). Messi #TheGOAT , PERIOD.

  2. Ronaldinho the most talented, Messi the best player ever & Ronaldo the deadliest goal scorer debate's over😶

  3. I'd say that if one wants to use the term 'best in history' at least one should study a little bit of the history. It's funny how many people start their sentence with 'I haven't seen player X but…' smh

  4. Messi and C Ronaldo is no longer a debate. Messi tops it by a margin. Now Messi against Maradona..that is different. Maradona was more talented, had more grit, watch him play in that era, amazing. Messi however has the better stats and had the better career, trophies prove that and longevity. say he imploded towards the end is an understatement!

    Argentina won the WC in 86 with the best version of Maradona (26 yr). Argentina won in 22 with a very good team but it wasn't the best Messi (35 yr).

  5. The problem with Messi, is that he's Left Footed. So, 90% of the Footballers, have to be specifically Trained to take on a Left Footed Opponent. He should be kicked out of Football. And only Right Footed players allowed to Compete. ⚽


  7. Messi is incredible. Undoubtedly best of our generation…. but….Pele is GOAT. Messi will always be 2nd to the King.

  8. People are so blind n idiotic comparing Ronaldo to Messi. Ronaldo is a great player but he's not on Messi's level interms of skills, vision, etc.

    Here's a good example between them and why Ronaldo is NOT on Messi's level. …Ronaldo just shoots the ball really hard into the goal to score his goals. Messi picks out a spot in the goal and he puts the ball onto that exact spot in the goal to score all his goals. This is fact… Go watch all their goal highlights, pay attention and you'll witness this. Ronaldo is just a hard working earthling, Messi is from another planet… possibly the aliens dropped him off.

  9. it is not a quistion about who is best of messi and ronaldo(potugal), for me it never has been, its more between pele and maradonna and messi, and even that quistion is not interesting , its who do you love seeing play,, for me messi, but maradonna and pele was amasing, ronald is a great goalscore bur not dribler and playmaker

  10. Messi's awareness IN THE MOMENT is his greatest strength. From it he perfects all aspects of hts game.

  11. Cristiano nas no place in the Olympus of football. He was a top player in his generation, but getting up there with Di Stefano, Pele, Maradona and Messi takes something else.

  12. Messi is the best of the best & all the silly arguements stopped who was the goat on the 18/12/22

  13. I hope that these videos can be correctly translated into Spanish so that the hundreds of millions of Spanish-speaking people can correctly appreciate the words of all these soccer greats describing Messi.

    °excuses if I wrote wrong, I used the Google translator

  14. Anyone who thinks Ronaldo is losing points or something, every time Messi does something good, is a weird Messi fanboy. They have actually nothing to do with each other! Why always compare those two? Football is a team game! Go watch 1vs1 trick football or something! if this is the most important thing to you! How unfair this is to all of their teammates and coaches!

  15. Man said the F I F A World Cup like it’s pronounced as letters 😂😂😂😂😂 bruddah….shut up

  16. People fighting over who is the real GOAT🤔🤔.. Me chilling knowing that the real GOAT is the one that gives milk 😏😏

  17. Very nice video. With full of information. Everything explained very nicely. I came to know many information from this video. Thank you for sharing an amazing video. Really appreciate the effort put into making this video.

  18. How can u compare Ronaldo with Messi when Ronaldo is not even able to create or pass worst debate

  19. I dont know why this generation is trying to prove Messi is the GOAT. Please stop it there are so many greater players than Messi and dont even bother to mention Pele and Maradonna. Messi could never be the GOAT.. All of Messi's international career he has been fighting to make an impact, this World Cup FIFA had to help him. Sorry, Mbappe was the best player in this world cup. Six of Mbappe's goals were in open play while Mrssi scored five penalties in his seven goals and he even throw away a penalty. Please stop the foolishness, I am watching international football over 60 years now.

  20. We have to thank God for giving us Christiano Ronaldo because if not Messi would just be another excellent player.

  21. The comparison between Maradona and Messi simply doesn’t work because of effectiveness.
    They are similar in play, but Messi is much smarter.
    Messi easily cracks 1.3 G a. A. Per game.
    Maradona barely had like .9 (not arguing his greatness)

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