In this video we check out the new budget friendly PGA drum mic pack from SHURE. If you’re new to micing up a drum kit, this tutorial goes through a few basic mic configurations and lets you hear these microphones in action.

Từ khóa: SHURE PGA Drum Kit 7 Pack Tutorial: How To Mic Up A Drum Kit.

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  1. Marloe Mora Hi this is Ninjn, and this is me talking on the SM58S, S edition. I did not do any modifications to this audio.I have been using this to stream videos of me playing games on twitch. The mic itself is a bit boomy at times especially if you're too close.Other than that it holds very close to the SM7B in terms of quality, but the SM58S is a great buddget alternative. One thing to mention, is you will need a USB interface for the SM58. It uses a lot of gain. I personally use the Behringer UM2 for budget purposes. If you want to future proof a bit more instead of the UM2, get something like a Scarlett Solo gen2 or Behringer UMC202HD, plus the Cloudlifter amp or Fethead amp to boost the gain on the SM58.

  2. Leejack 27

    First, excellent drumming young man! Very nice indeed! Now, on to the PG Alta lineup: Thanks to modern technology you no longer need to spend a fortune to get a great microphone. The PGAlta family of mics are fantastic, professional mics at an affordable price. They not only sound great, they look amazing, completely updated look from the SM and Beta lineup. Thanks for the great video, well done!

  3. Женя Чёрный

    Hey Guys! Sorry for late comment, but I just saw the video and found it
    really helpful!
    Anyway, I've got a question for you, I'm a drummer and my usual gigging
    kit consist :
    Roland octopad, which I use for kick and toms, dw snare drum, zildjian K
    series hihat and a K crush on the left side + A series ride and
    sometimes another bigger crush on a right side.
    Which minimal set of PGA mics would you recommend for my everyday
    gigging? Would really appreciate your help!
    P.s: right now I'm using two sm-57 which I bought second hand and apparently
    are fake, so you know it doesn't anything like what you have there=)

  4. Rodrigo Alvarez

    Hi I have a very noob question, however I'm not a drummer perse, I'm a guitar player/mixing engineer wanabe attempting to start my home studio. Here is the question: Why do drums have dedicated mics while cymbals use 2OH mics no matter how many Cymbals you have?

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