Sergio Ramos – Nada Más

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Sergio Ramos – Nada Más

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  1. Yesterday, Real Madrid game was painful to watch. 🙁 I can not believe it how we played draw against Sporting Gijon.-.- It was a fiasco!! Benítez should pack his suitcase. ¡¡Adiós Benítez!! -.-

  2. I especially love this video, your music taste and your high video quality.<3 What can I say about MR SERGIO RAMOS!<3 :O He is the most talented, fantastic, hottest and handsome player I've ever seen. * _ * ❤️ The ball loves him and he loves the ball! 😀 His talent is so rare I admire him and respect him more than any other footballer. ❤️ He remains my biggest idol forever. ❤️ Ay ay ay ay paaaaapiiiii!!!<33 Sergio's son looks so cute, I want to bite his sweet cheeks. * _ * Love kids!! 🙂

  3. Awesome video as always!! I really don't understand Spanish part of this song but it sounds sexy.👀😍  psshhh play with me Sergio!! 🔥 😍

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