Sergio Ramos foul on MOHAMED SALAH

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Sergio Ramos foul on MOHAMED SALAH

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  1. Milorad mazic protected him on the orders of uefa who have a corrupted relationship with Real Madrid which gave them 3 cheated champions leagues 2016 2017 2018 , and they ll probably never be held accountable for , offside goal 98 final and 16 final , Spanish government apparently paid for the 2000 and 2002 champions leagues , and they ve never been stripped of those , game is corrupted as fuck by uefa and fifa

  2. I am a real madrid fan but sergio ramos destroyed their hopes of lifting the champions league trophy.

  3. Der blinde Kahn will nicht sehen, wie Ramos sein linkes Bein seitlich ausfährt und Salah ein Bein stellt. Dabei hakt er sich bei ihm unter, damit er auf jeden Fall hinfallen muß.
    Früher hat man Kahn im Stadion mit Bananen beworfen. Heute müßten ihn die Kameraleute mit Brillen bewerfen.

  4. Unbiased opinion as I don’t particularly like either team or player, but Salah instigates the fall by holding Ramos’ arm first. Pause the video at 20s-22s and you can clearly see this!! All these nasty comments towards Ramos are unnecessary and are simply bitter Liverpool fans because you were beaten in the Final. You were simply beaten by the better team on the night. Accept it! Salah being on the pitch wasn’t going to stop Bale’s first goal. And as for concussion for Karius? He managed to make several catches and saves after collision with Ramos. He made mistakes and lost the game. No excuses. Liverpool fans need to grow up and stop the hateful comments. Egypt fans saying Ramos cost you a World Cup win, are you serious? You wouldn’t have made it out the group even with a fully fit Salah

  5. 이게 뭔 파울이야. 시잘.
    살라 지가먼저 팔 넣고 파울유도하려다 넘어진거구만 ㅋ

  6. Sergio Ramos amini chiqaraman bay me naxxuy by man salaxti xaqqiqiy muxlisi kotinga sikaman naxxuy

  7. Mo was clearly cheating. He locked his arms and then started playing victim card when he got injured.

  8. easiest dislike in my life. Next time u put these trash links in video think again. Piece of shit

  9. Ramos has one problem, he is spanish. Salah has a problem with Ramos since this . About the foul, tat first it is ABSOLUTELY clear that is Salah who grabs Ramos arm, and provokes the fall. Yes, Ramos then also grabbed his arm, and did not release, yes. He deserved the same punishment as Salah, as clear as that. But Ramos is Spanish. Black Legend goes on, nothing good can come out of Spain. You guys always complaining against whatever from Real comes. You cant accep Real is the best. Better get used to it, bunch of fanatic liars.

  10. C bon il fait pas expres, c net
    PS : je suis pas supporter du Real, plus du Barca en Espagne

  11. Ramos ist ein böser Bube, Salah ein Guter. Salah verletzt sich, Ramos nicht. da braucht man nicht lange überlegen wem die Mainstreammedien den schwarzen Peter zuschieben.

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