SAGRADA FAMILIA (Barcelona) | Full tour in 4K (exterior + interior)

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SAGRADA FAMILIA (Barcelona) | Full tour in 4K (exterior + interior)

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  1. Уникальное сооружение, очень красивое, столько простора, воздуха и высота!!! Просто тянет в небеса!!! Спасибо Гауди и тем кто это чюдо построил!!!

  2. Sim…um Excelente exemplo de Megalomania e Grandiosidade Narcisista de Mentes Misóginas e Compartimentadas. Quando uma família "sagrada" é composta por homens… e uma virgem (claro)…só pode dar Merda… Merda da Grossa !!!

  3. І я там був,це просто "бомба",прекрасна Барселона,люди,культура і в цілому Іспанія.

  4. These buildings are truly magnificent, and a true testament to the ability of man. It is a pity however that such colossal structures were built on a false premise, and as a legacy of the privileged that built them at a colossal cost to human life. In this respect are they so far removed from the pyramids?
    Did the genius that designed these believe in the fallacious principles for which they were built?

  5. As a design person I am amazed at the unusual beauty and scale of this Cathedral. More amazing is that this project was even approved at that time. He must have met with a lot of resistance of his plans. I’ve always loved this church and glad they are still building.

  6. No words can do justice to the genius of Gaudi and the magnificence of the Sagrada Familia. Also worth visiting the crypt below where Gaudi is laid to rest.

  7. My visit to Barcelona is shrouded in memories of extreme heat 🥵. I got blisters on my feet. I missed this particular sight but was able to enjoy many others.

  8. Thank you for documentation.
    The last time I’ve been there is 21 years ago.
    For me this cathedral always was a very good and very special , holy place.
    I think building of the document will never end.
    I will travel to Barcelone someday and look what happens.

  9. My favorite architectural building, so gorgeous! Nothing and I mean nothing will top this. Anyway, I know this church is so gorgeous that tourist flock to admire it's beauty, I find kind of disrespectful seeing those people inside, taking pictures and videos, it's still a sacred place. Maybe there should be certain days where it would be allowed and days where it won't be allowed? Just saying.

  10. Aquesta obra d'art nomes es propia d'un ser iluminat como Gaudi. Una de les millors i unicas del mon !!!!

  11. Il n'y a pas de mot c'est tout simplement sublime 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩💥💥

  12. Goes to show u that they destroyed the tartarian dynasty an all their creations,bcuz if u look Inside it looks modern nothing lik the outside or other cathedrals.They destroyed it all.

  13. This is cathedral its superb ;Spain has possibly thanks to this and cathedral- mosque of cordoba; Spain has one of the most unique cathedrals in Europe and the world
    Beatiful romanesque everywhere un the north;the largest gothic cathedral- of the world in seville another masterpiece in Burgos; Toledo;; Palma de Mallorca etc..
    Reinassance cathedrals in granada and Jaén or with beatiful covers and universally known as the one in baroque impresive facade of Santiago cathedral- el " obradoiro" and also for being the end of " camino" etc
    Passing the throught the superb and unique in its kind cathedral- mosque of Córdoba one of the Marvels of islamic art; to the end of sagrada familia of Barcelona of the visionary genius of gaudi
    18 of these are UNESCO sites

  14. One of the wonders of the modern world – sublime. No film can capture the way the light filters down – like light coming through a forest. Everyone should try to go there.

  15. I think that colorful the interior lighting is well worth talking about. Was Antonio Gaudi involved in the design of that and if now who then…?

  16. How ironic that a religion with a made-up god, has created a temple that resembles a real but different god: Nature. A god that humans neglect to revere, but also ignore, disrespect, and even destroy. Only humans would do such thing!

  17. Encerrar un vídeo importante con el image de un hombre a dormir de mascarilla en la cara, es muy baja creatividad! Un horror! Paranoico total!

  18. Built by a people who had no more than horse and carts and no power tools. I don’t think so. Research the mud flood and fall of Tartaria. Find out about our stolen history.

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