Ronaldo at Barcelona: When football broke

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Ronaldo at Barcelona: When football broke

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  1. 0:24 How on earth do you fail to pronounce fenômeno? You even added an extra syllable 🤦🏻‍♂️ You can’t mess up the name he’s known as globally… come on dude.

  2. The thing i was always interested about, would these beasts like Ronaldo, Pele, Maradona be sucessfull today? It looks like it harder now to be a magician then it ever was, because defenders learn how to defend against this skillset. Defenders from the past just look like clowns

  3. Never seen a player like Ronaldo that season. Power, pace, skill and finishing. He was a beast. Unstoppable at times. He had the pace and power of CR7 and the dribbling & technique of Messi. And he could finish like both of them. He could also do all the tricks that Ronaldinho could do. Flip flaps etc and at high speed. Made it look easy & always effective. What a shame about his injuries. We were all robbed(even if he was still World Class/one of the gr8s afterwards)….Before the injuries Ronaldo was out of this World. Messi and Maradona are the only other players Ive seen who could match him ability wise IMO. Sensational. What a season at Barca.

  4. This might spark the controversy but I have to say this– this Ronaldo was the greatest of all-times.

  5. Despite being portuguese, my favorite Ronaldo! I loved to play football but watching him play, literally made me fall in love with the sport!

  6. He reached the highest peak I have ever seen other than maybe Messi in 2012 + 2018.

    EDIT: I feel like Ronaldo is footballs Mike Tyson, hit the absolute highest heights very early on, then outside of the pitch/ring struggles felled both of the greats.

  7. He was still the best player in the world even after injuries and five to seven years past his prime.

  8. The best ever I saw live. I was too young to watch Maradona during his peak. In particular order R9, Ronaldinho, Baggio, Messi and Van Basten

  9. He is monster of a player, at that time and era even before that, Ronaldo Nazario is just way ahead and new breed type of striker. Ronaldo doesn't need a supply of assist from the midfield or winger to score 30-40 goals, he could do it by himself. The best no 9 in the football history, a combined Lewa, Benzema and Suarez is not fit to be name alongside Ronaldo Nazario.

  10. At one point he scored 14 out of 29 goals, from offside position. Just imagine if he wasn't just another stupid brazillian playboy, and actually trained.

  11. R9 was so powerful that his knees couldn’t keep up. He was so built and rapid so when he made sharp turns that put overwhelming pressure on his knees. He was so rapid that he reached the peak human capabilities when making turns.

  12. In 1998, at 21 years of age, it was his world cup to loose. Such enormous pressure, such a heavy burden at just 21, he broke in the final game. When Ronaldo played, you just expected a victory even in the world cups. Don't think any other player in the history has had to go through that.

  13. 19.

    I always wonder if Ronaldo R9 and Ronaldinho had the discipline of Messi and CR7 will we be talking about CR7 and Messi now? These two were legends but their level of disciple far from the later two, Dino even used to party on weekends and play for Barca straight after, and deliver!

  14. He was so good that the best Ronaldo just won a copa del Rey…. And in Italy any top scorer award and no league, it easier when you play with Roberto Carlos, Rivaldo, Cafu, Ronaldinho….

  15. Actually, Romário had already left Barcelona before Xmas `94. Stoitchkov followed suit by the end of the 1994/95 season when he was sold off to Parma (which seemed quite fitting at the time as Parma under Nevio Scala and with players like Zola and Asprilla was known for playing a similarly attractive, albeit defensively more solid brand of football as Barcelona).

  16. The difference between Ronaldo and Romário is that the second was always there… Ronaldo was too irregular and at his 40s, Romário still was an amazing player, and R9 was retired and involved with political corruption

  17. My forth favourite player of all time after Messi, Romario and Maradona. A special talent. Not at the level of those three in terms of static skills in short spaces but extremely powerful and clinical when it comes to finishing

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