Ronaldinho Tribute – Impossible to Forget HD.mp4

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Ronaldinho Tribute – Impossible to Forget HD.mp4

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  1. This video is the best video on YouTube.

    Watching this since the day of its release. Never gotten bored.
    Thank you man.

  2. There is a fact: 10-15 years later, this man is still seen by tens of millions of people every year, with the same eyes and stupor, and there're various but valid reasons. He is, by statistics, the player with the most views on YouTube, with a complex that I counted is around a billion (if we add up all his videos present), with over 100 million views that Messi and company only make together (literally, try typing his name and consider that his first videos were already circulating 15 years ago with millions of visuals, but that they were probably also canceled due to poor quality etc.), despite thousands of goals (while admitting the pearls which some of these are). Something will have to say, on a democratic and planetary level, about his caliber recognized by the most…

    I lived him in the prime of its years, in an era full of consolidated champions or emerging but already exploded champions, from Ibra to Messi, from Cristiano R. to Kakà, in addition to the lords of football, Henry, Rooney, Zidane, and of Italian senators like Totti, Inzaghi, Del Piero, Maldini etc. But the psychological impact that this man had on the field, on his opponents, on the commentators and on the public is something that no one had and that since the days of Maradona or Pelé has not been felt, and has never been felt again, not even with the consolidation of the era of Messi against CR7 or of a new era Mbappe vs Haaland – sure, also these still very respectable, of course – (although Maradona was also the bearer of a popular, cultural, ethnic, political message that influenced his own game and iconicity, and which personally even with objective reasoning, they make him unattainable at the moment, precisely because he transcends football/soccer itself).

    Dinho had a unique style, probably among the most iconic: he literally danced and made people dance, always with a surreal trick that anticipated the post-2010 streeters, giving a connection and materiality between dynamic professional football/soccer and the spectacularization of the plays. Those were the years in which he gave birth to the concept of combos, of videotricks on YouTube or the rise of the phenomenon of console games such as Fifa Street. Complete player: left, right, knee, shoulder, chest, heel, head… BACK… Control, shooting, dribbling, precision, power, vision… He attacked freely, without too many schemes, then returned to defending, he caught the ball and threw and/or threw someone again, in deep or vertically. He walked very little on the pitch because he especially loved the ball and pitched. As far as I can remember, I've never seen one of his games that wasn't the protagonist or that he didn't play and receive balls with incredible naturalness. NEVER (both in the liga, in the Champions League and in the national team – I've seen hundreds of matches -).

    The authentic Joca Bonito played through which Nike almost took the monopoly in Europe at the time, between sportswear, boots, sponsors and cult advertising (commercials video etc.). A game that perhaps, in some respects, is still ahead in terms of vision and projection, and which miraculously spread throughout Brazil team in the early 2000s also among the others in the squad.
    He was the most technical and spectacular in many respects, it cannot be denied, precisely because he bordered on an incisive but never cynical game, always EXAGER and, above all, NATURAL. The defenders flew if they was looking for the marking or trying to tackle: unforgettable how Ramos went crazy in the Clasico; or how Maldini, Gattuso and Nesta were drunk between tunnels and shots, in a classic Milan-Barca quarter-final of the Champions League. Berlusconi courted him for years and I think it was the only authentic whim in the matter that he wanted to get rid of, and when he managed to get him, he was already a Dinho minus something between age, injuries and the good life.

    He, too, didn't last long… A decade… An inclination of many Brazilians, from Romario to Ronaldo, from Rubinho to Adriano… It seems they have this in their DNA: they make the samba dance in attack, but are a little fragile in the long run, perhaps due to the love of a life that with success becomes frenetic, without rules, not very disciplined and which in the long run affects performance, so as to be short-lived, especially for forwards (Next? Neymar probably).

    But that's okay, we can't have everything. However, it was so exaggerated that the amount of time he played was enough for everyone, so dense and exciting it was. To the point that I noticed that he was never deliberately paid homage by many players of his time in interviews after his career or later (as instead happened for Messi or in the vs with C. Ronaldo), perhaps precisely because at the time no one it could be compared, both because a strong pressure automatically started when he was on the pitch and hand in hand a sense of frustration and humiliation when he had the ball and you were chasing him or watching him fall, with the crowd in a frenzy.
    So the truth Is that Ronaldinho, especially in his 5 years at Barca, then over a decade as a whole, was a planetary FEVER: in the stands it seemed like you were having hallucinations, on the pitch he brought on cold sweats or strong jealousies in a climate of strong competition (although there was no lack of esteem and admiration). That's why, Ronaldo de Assis Moreira, better known as Ronaldinho, continues to be so visualized… when you see him, you feel THE FEVER in him and in others 🤙🏻🤙🏻🤙🏻

  3. To this date I have not seen someone hit the peak that Ronaldihno hit. Didn't last long but in his prime he was the greatest ever in my eyes

  4. True legend, inspiration for young football players. He put so much quality to world football… Nowdays "stars" are not even close to him. Its big crater between them and Ronaldinho. Magic

  5. When I was a kid I used to watch this video thinking I would be like him someday , he is my hero 🤴🏿

  6. The true legend in football and no one even close to him and there will be no one like him in next trillion years

  7. Arguably the best of all time. Simply played for the joy of it and no one has replicated his style of play to this day.

  8. Sí Mantenias este Nivel unos 4 a 5 años más No Cabría duda que serías el mejor del mundo , pero tu magía fue corta y eso hace q otros (CR7 Y Messi) esten por arriba por constancia.

  9. Watching the great master playing football is a truly magnificent reward. Thank god. I will tell about you to my childrens, you are the best.

  10. He is a horse🐎🐎🐎🐎🐎 what a player😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘


  12. This video is simply the greatest Football compilation ever made. I have been watching it since 2012.

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