“Ronaldinho Gaucho” Moments Impossible To Forget

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“Ronaldinho Gaucho” Moments Impossible To Forget

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  1. Ronaldinho is respected by everyone, literally. Messi was gifted with god given raw talent. Cristiano is the definition of hard work and discipline. Ronaldinho is embodiment of football. His abilities were never seen before and still have yet to be replicated the way he played.

    The best quote that can describe him in football: “Football can make anyone smile, but only Ronaldinho can make the football smile.”

  2. He didn’t play alongside Messi, Messi played alongside him.
    Messi was a young boy and Ronaldinho was his mentor

  3. That's the second american that I've heard comparing him with Kyrie Irving, pretty funny tho. I like that comparison. Nice reaction guys.

  4. Great to see people out of the futbol (football – soccer) circle watching players in this sport of this calibre. Ronaldinho is arguably the most creative, spontaneous and energetic football player ever. Messi is really good but very different to Ronaldinho. R was a fantastic example of Latin American and Brazilian football ever. Those days sadly are gone. Be grateful that we have footage like this to inspire future young footballers. Enjoy and thank you for the video. PS: the ball passed between the legs in English is generally called a 'nutmeg' but there are many other terms in different countries, 'panna' is also common, 'tunel' for the Hispanics, etc.

  5. it makes me so happy to see other people find out about Ronaldinho and he's geniality.. the dude literally made football fun to watch playing freestyle football on a regular pitch just having fun smiling and even dancing on the pitch against Chelsea before he scored. for me Messi is the goat cant deny the stats. but ronaldinho is football its was just fun watching him play

  6. 3:33
    That was Steve Gerard, former Liverpool legendary player he made fall like that.
    He also made stars like Ramos in Madrid look like school boys.

  7. That was the feeling Ronaldinho caused when you saw him play, absolute happiness, that's why he was called the eternal smile of football

  8. He is really the embodiment of football. Need to check out more of him for sure

  9. Between the legs move is called Nutmeg… Ronaldinho was Messi's mentor, fun fact, Ranaldinho gave the assist for Messi's first goal of his career…

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