Ronaldinho ● Insane Freestyle Tricks

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Ronaldinho ● Insane Freestyle Tricks

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  1. Ronaldinho ist für mich der Weltweit beste Spieler den es gibt es wird nie ein 2. Ronaldinho geben du bist einfach der Beste Fußballspieler.

  2. Hdp eliminaste el de CR7 skills cabron ponelo devuelta dale 😡
    (El de CR7 las skills del 2003/2009)

  3. Every era has professionals..but I think that Ronaldinho is the talented player and there is no doubt that he has skill and physical fitness in overcoming the player until he reaches the goal. He also shoots from afar and reaches the goal with every technique and craft.

  4. Today's modern "top players" such is Neymar, Messi, Ronaldo etc. are just football machines for scoring goals, but their play style doesn't have a football spirit, they just play football for the money and without soul.

    R10 was complete oposit, he played almost every game fully with his heart. When you watching him, you can see that he lives for a football and that he's trully enjoying. So, that's a main difference between him and today's machines for scoring and maintaining consistency, they become bio-machines without soul and they play like a robots. People know this very well and because of that they loved Maestro Dinho.

    And you know what? No matter who you sent to try to attack and take the ball from Dinho, and no matter what are you gonna try to do, you simply can't take a ball fom him, it's impossible unless if he make mistake which was very, very rare case. Defenders who's embarased in various video compilations of Dinho on YT aren't stupid players, they simply can't take a ball from him because he was a fucking freestyler in a world of football where players play like a robots.

    Ronaldinho is not just an elite, or a goat, his form status was a way beyond other football legends, he was on a whole new level, highest possible level, he was just a supreme player. He was so quick, so strong, so damn accurate, so agile, he had a fast run, and of course dribbling skills from another world. He was all in one, the most complete player my eyes have ever seen.

    And now imagine how difficult for a human being is to be that kind of a player for a few yeras in a row? He doesn't score too much goals or had consistency, that's impossible to achieve for a human being when you're in that kind of form which Ronaldinho had.

    He was able to be a classic striker like Messi or Ronaldo and achieve that stupid consistency, but that's not his natural approach to a game. He's natural way was to made a game funny to watch where viewers will enjoy in watching their favorite sport, he was born for that, not for chasing a tons of goals or stupid consistency. He played with a soul, not like a robot.

    Where ever he goes, where ever he show up, people around the world will recognise him immediately, why? Because he's the reason why people fell in love with football. Even Maradona kissed his hands, but Ronaldinho comes from a poor country, he lived almost in misery, the life teached him to be a hamble man, and because of that once he said that "Messi is gonna be better than him", but of course he knows that nobody will be as much good as he, but he just said it as a humble man because of the fans of Barca, they need to have a new hope in their club when Ronaldinho finish with that club.

    This world will never see again a player like Ronaldinho was. He's a real GOAT, not these modern androids you're watching today.

  5. El que no le dé Like a este comentario es por que no puede hacer ni 3 de las técnicas que el Genio Diño hizo aquí.

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