Respect Lionel Messi#shorts

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Respect Lionel Messi#shorts

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  1. hello friends,Someone made that Ai voice and its not Ronaldo.A surtein editor made it so i took it and I was just trying to educate ya'll to always respect the two goats.People have different opinions.Some say Ronaldo is the best and other says its messi but as you become smarter you will realise this guys have achieved alot to be the 2 greatest players of all time,So on my part i support them both and love them both thats why i dont like videos that undermine both messi and Ronaldo,They deserve respect.So i just made this video to educate the person who made the Ai voice of Ronaldo to atleast respect messi,He deserves to be respected.As a true football fan who undertand football you cant say referees helped messi.Its so bad to say such a thing.Anyway thanks for those who understand and support me

  2. Actually messi is the goat and Ronaldo isn’t he is paying the refs messi isn’t paying the refs or Barca yesterday they lost how they pay the refs barca didn’t tell them give us 5 yellow card 3 to them 2 penalties for them no barca didn’t pay the refs messi didn’t too stop blaming messi

  3. After 2022 everyone know the truth not before bro ..roobeb truely especially fifa best player award and most ballondor 💯 …if im wrong come to me and u can kill me im free

  4. i love messi, hes a goat, but he really didnt deserve the 2021, well like he was very good that year, but that was lewa’s moment, and same with 2019, it should have been van dijk, and 2018 should have been ronaldo.

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