Paul Merson Exposes Harry Maguire

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Paul Merson Exposes Harry Maguire

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  1. Not only have Maguire’s performances been professionally lacking if not incompetent for someone playing at his level, but he’s been completely oblivious to everything that’s going on around him off the pitch, making wholly inappropriate fingers in the ears gestures to fans and crass social media comments that have most probably totally alienated his teammates as well as many fans. Once you’re in a hole, it is never a good idea to start to dig. Harry has. And on top of that in Harry’s case right now he would be out of his depth in a car park puddle. Just concentrate on getting his game back up to scratch and not engaging every player he opposes in a WWE bout. But he will not get that chance now anymore, he’s for sure out of Man U soon as they can offload him and to no matter who offers the best price. If he doesn’t want to go it would not surprise me if Man U found a way to terminate his contract. He has become a liability that Man U cannot afford to have around.

    P.S. he is supposedly injured now anyways so earning 200k per week for nothing. The only injury I suspect he has is to his pride. He’s certainly not at Man U for the good of the club and the team, more for the good of his own bank balance.

  2. No point in someone asking your opinion as a pundit and then having to apologise for it when you're correct! Merse was bang on, Maguire has been a nightmare in our attacking formation,he should go for his and the club's best interest, Roma or some Italian team he'd suit down to the ground

  3. The problem with maguire and I believe alot of other english players get defended and massively overrated by the english pundits and they can never live up to the hype, its also the false sense of hope england have to winning every competition they are in but never do, because the pundits claim they have the best players so no wonder everyone expects them to win everything 😂

  4. Regardless of where the line is or what other teams style is he cant read the game what so ever so he’s always second to every spot and always on the back then he gets rash and desperate and just slides jn.
    Paulo Maldini said whenever i have to make a tackle I’ve already made a mistake

  5. I like it how these former players have now started agreeing that maguire is poor stop trying to look good the lot of you. Us fans said it years ago you former players need to stop being pundits apart from roy Keane as the rest don't no fuck all

  6. Is this the chef on chanel 4 from France 🇫🇷 getting into football nonsense 🤔 my uncle Nigel is in a wheelchair ♿ and he's better than maguire

  7. Stop judging on Maguire, smell something goin wrong behind all these!! Sounds like United haters !! Trying disrupting United goin forward…

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